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Hiring a Wasp Pest Control Company

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Hiring a Wasp Pest Control Company

Wasps: Though they look like a larger cousin of the honeybee, but are a much greater threat than other stinging insects. Unlike normally docile bees or other insects, wasps may sting individuals unprovoked. If your home harbours a wasp nest, stray wasps may sting you, your family members, or your employees without reason.

Like bee stings, wasp stings transmit proteins that can trigger dangerous allergic reactions. Even for those not allergic, the sting can throb for hours and cause localised swelling that is both unattractive as well as painful.

Seeking the help of professional pest control for wasp removal services can prevent painful stings and allergic reactions from happening in the first place, and can protect the structure of your home or business from the destructive nature of this winged insect.

If you are looking to hire a pest control company to assist with your wasp infestation, read on to learn more. Why hiring a professional pest control is essential, how to identify a problem, and what you can do today to help protect people in the area from this winged predator.



Why are wasps dangerous?

wasps sting allergic reaction
Wasp sting allergic reaction.

Traumatic attacks

Most individuals can remember being stung by a bee in their childhood. Although wasps look similar to bees, their sting can be far more painful and dangerous.

A wasp attack can be a traumatising event, especially for young children or pets. A full nest can harbour up to 5,000 wasps, led by a single queen. When the wasp gets agitated or when they feel the need to protect their nest, wasps will fly toward and attack anyone in their territory as a group.

Wasps can sting multiple times and will do so often unprovoked. These stings are painful, but can also be dangerous.

Unfortunately, you could experience a wasp attack while playing with your children outside, weeding your garden, or simply lounging in the pool minding your own business. If the nest is in a corporate building, wasps could assault visitors or employees as they enter, making you liable for injuries and putting your patrons at risk.


Pests are a structural hazard

wasp pest control property damage
Pests like wasps will chew wood to make their nests.

It’s not just people that have to worry about the dangers of wasps. Wasps can pose a hazard to your home or building as well. Similar to termites, wasps use wood for food and making nests, infesting walls and eating away at wooden structures. Moisture and heat from within nests can rot wood and nests built around electrical outlets and wires may pose a potential fire risk. Removing wasps quickly can save thousands of pounds in future repair costs.



How do I know if I have a wasp problem?

We recommend asking yourself some of these questions to determine whether you need wasp control treatment:

  • Am I sure the insects I’m observing are wasps?
  • Have they built a nest on my property?
  • Are they frequenting areas on your property regularly?
  • Have you had to alter your habits to accommodate the pests and avoid getting stung?

Any of the above are indications that it may be time to seek the help of a local wasp control specialist such as Apex wasp nest removal specialist. Our team can quickly assess your area, identify the species of the perpetrator from wasp or hornets, find any hidden nesting areas, and devise a plan to safely and effectively remove the pests from your property.



 What are paper wasps?

Paper wasp nest
Example of a paper wasp nest.

Wasps are part of a larger family of bugs known as Hymenoptera. This family includes some harmless wasp lookalikes, including certain varieties of beetles, ants, bed bugs and flies.

The type of local wasp most familiar to our area is the Vespidae wasp (also known as the paper wasp). There are two varieties of Vespidae wasp we often see in our clients’ homes and buildings. The common wasp (Vespula vulgaris) and the German wasp (Vespula germanica). Very occasionally, we’ll find a nest of hornets, a hornet (Vespa crabro) is still a pest and requires prevention and nest control the same as wasps.

Their bright yellow-and-black striped bodies can identify all Vespidae wasps. These bodies are long and narrow, and they’re divided into three distinct sections.



 What are the common signs of wasp nests?

sign of a wasp nest
Sign of a wasp nest with a small cluster of wasp pests.

Some telltale signs of a wasp nest include:

  • Groups of wasps consistently gathering in a particular place on your property
  • Paper-like brown moulds on the outside of a building
  • Papier-mache style honeycomb structures

Wasps typically like the sunshine, so checking the south side of your property is an excellent place to start searching. If you think you’ve found a wasp nest, check for nearby wasp activity. But, maintain a distance from the nest itself, and don’t make any sudden movements or loud noises. Wasp nests can survive years after abandonment, but don’t risk disturbing what may be an active nest on your own.

The wasp queen of a colony will scout nest locations in the spring, then build her nest throughout the summer. Removing a nest early, before summer kicks into high gear can ensure a quick and effortless removal rather than a drawn-out, expensive process.



 Why is it essential to hire a professional for wasp nest removal?

Removing a wasp nest on your own can be extremely hazardous. Without protective clothing, you risk sustaining dozens of wasp stings while attempting to remove a nest. These stings can be life-threatening for those with allergies, not to mention extremely painful. Additionally, if you’re using a pesticide, you risk contaminating the area as well as exposing yourself to harmful chemicals.

In an emergency scenario, local pest wasp control professionals will assess and advise you about which wasp nest treatment is efficient. Hiring a local pest controller to remove wasps wasp specialists will save you time and pain from aggressive wasps.



What does wasp removal involve?

The process for effective wasp control differs based on the species of wasp and the location of the nest. At Apex Pest Control, we evaluate the type of wasp and position of the nest. And other factors in determining an optimal and efficient approach that will eliminate the nest, remove and kills the wasps and prevent future infestations.



How much does it cost to get rid of a wasps nest?

The cost varies based on the pest control services used to eliminate the wasps, the extent of the infestation, number and size of the nests, and location of nests, among other factors. For wasp pest control services in the local area typically charge £65 per nest. The cost to get rid of a wasp nest will vary from pest control companies and pest technicians depending on experience, qualifications and level of customer service.



Need wasp removal? Contact us today!

If you have concerns about wasps in or around your home, office, garage, building or property in Yorkshire, give Apex Pest Control a call today. For years we’ve been helping local residents and commercial businesses like yourself protect property, customers and your family from these pests and pesky invaders. We utilise environmentally-friendly pest removal handled by professionals you can count on to get the job done right.

For more info on pest control for wasps, hornets or bees book an appointment today, and our pest technician will give you the best advice, service and wasp treatment.


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