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Insects are a crucial part of our ecology, from pollinating the vegetable-producing plants we love to eat, to flowering in summertime. Not to mention, they produce delicious, all-purpose honey.

Despite their usefulness, honeybees are not in your home, your business, or a bothersome presence in your backyard. In fact, bee and wasp stings can be quite dangerous, and in some cases, fatal.

If you suspect there is a bee infestation at your Sheffield home or business, give Apex Pest Control the call today and find out why so many Sheffield residents trust us to handle all of their bee pest control and bee removal needs.

From domestic bee removal to commercial bee removal, we have got you covered.


Bee Removal In My Area — What Does it Involve?


At Apex, we know that insects can be much more than just an inconvenience, and they can absolutely be a danger to allergy sufferers, and to young children and elderly residents.

From the initial contact, to removal, and to prevention, our local Sheffield pest control experts will work quickly and efficiently to restore security on your premises, as well as ensure that any beehives are removed from the area.

What to Expect

From your first contact with us, our friendly receptionists will take your details and ask questions to understand your situation. Then, they will schedule an appointment to meet you “on-site” whereby our expert honeybee pest control experts will evaluate the honeybee problem, identify the type or species (this may affect approach/strategies) and discuss a recommended solution with you.

Steps Include:

  1. Identification of the species/type of bee – proper identification is critical to the successful removal and ensuring re-infestation doesn’t occur
  2. Strategy recommendations: Once we know what we are dealing with, we will educate you about the options available for honeybee removal, along with the pros and cons of each.
  3. Treatment/implementation: Once a strategy is developed and agreed on, our team gets right to work.

With over 30 years of experience and several certifications, we have the knowledge and skills needed to safely complete the work, and to help you return to business or your normal routine as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our Sheffield Bee Removal Specialists:

  • Show up on time for appointments
  • Are courteous and professional
  • Will take steps to ensure the safety of those in the area
  • Are all highly skilled and trained
  • Will explain your removal options and work with you to find a solution that you’re comfortable with

Bee infestations can be scary, disruptive, dangerous, and troublesome. We understand firsthand what damage and disruption they can cause, and will work to quickly and cost effectively address your honeybee problems.


Sheffield Honey Bee Nest Removal


Honeybees in Sheffield (and across the UK) are classified as what is known as “domesticated animals”. As a result, there needs to be a tailored approach to dealing with the removal of honeybee nests.

Return them to Local Beekeepers

Honey bees “setting up shop” at your property may belong to local neighbourhood beekeepers. It is not unusual that certain circumstances will cause bees to “move in” on their own. When that happens, we do our best, in good faith, to find the appropriate owners. In some cases, they are willing to go out and collect and remove their bees and associated bee nests for you.

Relocate to a Safe Area

In other cases, when the property owner cannot be found, or if wild honeybees are nesting on your property, our team will arrange for them to be safely “re-homed” in an area where they can thrive, far away from human disturbance.

Last Resort – Insecticide

As a last resort, we will apply a residual insecticide treated specifically for honey bee populations. After we have applied insecticide treatments, we will remove the honey bees nests and associated honeycombs, or we will seal the entrances, in order to keep them from entering again, and in order to keep incidental foraging bees from carrying the insecticides back to other local nests.


What is the average cost of honey bee removal?




Bee Removal in Sheffield by Sheffield-based pest control company Apex, United Kingdom.

The actual bee removal cost and bee nest removal costs will vary greatly depending on many factors that are unique to your particular situation. A previous article we wrote on pest control costs may be of interest.

Below, we will outline several variables that can greatly influence your average honey bee removal price on a property, or at your home or business.

1. Type of Bee

  • Honeybees
  • Bumblebees
  • Carpenter Bees

Each species of honeybee has its unique characteristics, from their aggression, to how they nest, meaning each species requires a tailored approach tailored for that particular species of honeybee.

2. Problems / Issues Present

The specific problems caused by the honeybees infesting you may need a different strategy and work volume to remedy the situation. For example, if left too long, bees can also damage the structure of your home or building, requiring additional work to repair.

3. Hive Location and Reaction

The location and size of a beehive or nest is greatly affected by the type of bees that you are dealing with. Carpenter bees, for example, are usually targeting exterior wooden structures such as window frames, porches, and sheds. Bumblebees generally prefer the crawl spaces underneath the home and in your yard. While honeybees usually prefer areas or structures that are exposed to them for building their hive, they are more often found within walls, chimneys, and attics.

The location of a hive significantly affects the difficulty (or ease) of removing or eliminating honeybees from a property.

Similarly, enclosed, indoor spaces often result in swarming and aggression during removal, thus increasing the risk and the safety precautions that must be taken. All this has a bearing on costs.

4. Labour, Materials and Repair Costs

The strategy you choose may involve different amounts of labour and materials needed for bees to be efficiently and safely removed from your property, as well as meeting any local requirements or regulations.

For example, honeybees located inside an internal wall may require us to breach the wall in order to remove both the infestation and beehive. This would require additional labour and materials to rebuild the walls back to their pre-beehive state.


Why You Need to Deal With Your Bee Hive Immediately


The bees are testament to the wonders of nature, helping to maintain the thriving local ecosystem in Sheffield. However, when they nest in areas they are not supposed to, they are serious health risks for people and animals, as well as potentially significant damage to property.

At Apex Pest Control, Sheffield, we have a track record of customer satisfaction and successful honeybee removal on both residential and commercial properties.

If you suspect that you may be suffering an infestation, do not hesitate to contact us and discover why so many Sheffield residents trust us with all of their pest concerns.

Contact Apex today on 0114 3491098 if you would like any further details about our honeybee removal services.