Charges For Pest Control Services

There comes a time in the lives of every homeowner when mice, rats, fleas, beetles, and other vermin invade a home. They are not only bothersome, they are also unsanitary–they can even be carrying diseases. So, when they actually do appear, we might feel the temptation to try and handle them ourselves. Who knows, perhaps we could simply set a few traps, and the problems would just go away.

First, we have to notice one key difference between them. Of course, the most obvious distinction between mice and rats is their size. The average house mouse is small, with a mass estimated at 15 grams, while rats can weigh upwards of 300 grams. Furthermore, the typical mouse is a curious rodent, and does not instinctively avoid anything new in its habitat.

This means that trapping rats can be a useful pest management tool. In comparison, mice are very protective, taking the time to adjust to any changes before becoming comfortable with them. As a result, catching the rat is far more difficult.

That is why it is always best to let trained professionals tackle your pest problems. That is why Apex is here. In this post, we will talk about why Pest Control is important, as well as give you a rough estimate on the average price for Pest Control.

However, we must ask you to NOT assume that ALL prices for pest control are given. That is, our charges vary depending on a clients home size and the type of average pest problems we are dealing with.


What Apex Pest Control Is All About?




We are a pest control business operating from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. With rat, mouse, and other insect infestations having increased in recent times, having a specialist company on hand is essential. Our aim is to remove pests as quickly, efficiently, and without causing damage to your property. We have over 30 years experience with overall pest management, working with homeowners and commercial businesses. We are always ready for any problem, and are available seven days a week.

Our company is registered with the National Pest Technicians Association, and all our technicians are B.P.C.A. In addition, we work in unmarked vehicles, so our services are discrete, designed to minimise the loss of profits or complaints from customers, whilst also avoiding any embarrassment associated with infestations.

We place an emphasis on safety and environment when dealing with home, business, or home-based pest control. We help to make sure the surrounding healthcare and environmental conditions affected by a pest are treated to make a structure safe for occupancy.


What Determines The Charges For Pest Control?


Whether it is in the family home or food production facilities, a variety of factors can lead to different pest problems. That is why we always talk with our customers and provide them with competitive rates. Also, as soon as we have completed the required surveys and reached a pricing agreement with our customers, we get straight to work.

So, our charges for pest control services may vary significantly depending on:

  • the type of pest
  • the severity of the pest infestation
  • The location of our customers
  • the size of the property in question

After the infestation is removed, we provide an extensive report to our clients on the Pest treatment that we applied. We also give recommendations for preventing pests in the future.


How Much To Get Rid Of Mice And Rats?


As we stated earlier, there is no set price for general pest control services that we offer. There are just too many factors we need to account for.

Our average price for rat & mice control starts at £110, including 2 control visits to the clients home. Any additional time treatments and visits to control the pests, if the problems persist, are priced at £25. We should note that this charge is only for customers in South Yorkshire, and the exterminator costs are potentially significantly higher should the customer be located outside of the area. Another cost-controlling factor is the proportion of mice or rats that are infested.


What about the other types of pest infestations?


Our prices are £45 per squirrel & mole pest control with traps. However, there is no fixed price when it comes to mole infestations in farmland, the service cost depends on an agreement that we have made with the client.

Apart from rodent control, we also offer insect control services, our price ranges between £65 – £125. Of course, some insect infestations are more complicated, with charges drastically depending on the severity of the problem. For example, a woodworm infestation could prove to be an extreme challenge. We would have to carry out a complete survey of affected properties in order to determine how far along the outbreak has become. So, accessibility for the inspection and cleanup of contaminated areas will impact costs.


Get Rid of Pests With Apex


Of course, most homeowners can try to repair their pest problems themselves. However, if you take into account that wasps, mice, and rats can quickly reproduce, then you may be looking at an exponentially growing pest problem.

That is why it is always best to call a pro to start with their initial visit. At Apex Pest Control Sheffield, our services are confidential, swift, and efficient: You are guaranteed a happy outcome. Do not wait for your problems to become bigger: call Apex for pest control pricing and to receive a free estimate and specialist treatment on 0114 3491098.