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Our pest control experts in Barnsley cover all of Barnsley and the surrounding villages, providing professional pest control services for home owners and businesses alike.

Our in-house technicians and inspectors are members and certified with National Pest Technicians Association.

Our knowledge, experience, and professionalism allows us to provide the safest, most effective treatments to your property’s pest problems within Pest Control’s territory.

At Apex, all our pest treatments and wildlife management are child-friendly and pet-friendly. And, we guarantee a pest control success rate on your pest problems.


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Our experts at Apex Pest Control Barnsley are certified members of NPTA and trained by the BPCA on best practises to eliminate the pests in your property. Our pest controllers tackle any issue quickly, quietly and professionally. Our services for homes and businesses provide key pest management tips to ensure that your Wasp, Rat, Bug, or Insect problems do not return. Here are just some of the bugs and vermin that we treat on a regular basis throughout Barnsley.

Rat Catcher – Stop a Rat Infestation

Mice and Rats: Differences, Habits and Rodent Issues Prevention

Seeing a rat or mouse on your property is never a pleasant experience. In most cases, there is more than one. These rodents will never leave your property unchecked, making an infestation unavoidable.

While both these types of rodents do similar damage to your home and carry similar diseases, Apex Services exterminators have revealed the causes of rats and mice, and how you can solve the problem of an infestation.

Rodent control — rat control In general, these two species will eat almost anything. However, their preferred foods are cereal products, like bread and grains. Some rats will get picky, eating only fruits. You can get the Hantavirus from touching the rodents droppings, especially those from the deer rats.

Cockroaches – the kind of insects controlled by entomologists – carry diseases like gastroenteritis and Salmonella, which are both dangerous for your health. Our expertise and knowledge will identify the exact species of roaches, and we will also find any potential breeding sites. Then, we will use the most effective treatments to eliminate the problem safely.

Bed Bugs – Pest control – The bugs move rapidly to nearby rooms and properties, moving into holes in walls or floors. We conduct in-depth inspections to confirm whether bedbugs are an issue and to identify problem sizes. Treatments are designed to eliminate bed bugs individually.

Flies – Pest control – Flies are a threat to your health, spreading diseases like E.coli. Our methods eliminate flies, treating all the breeding sites which would allow them to infest again.

Fleas and Carpet Beetles – Pest Control – Our pest control teams in Sheffield offer a low-impact tailored solution for eliminating insects from your premises.

Ants – Pest control Doncaster – If the ants are in your garden or home, our bespoke pest control services use the most effective techniques, from targeted spraying to selective baiting, to solve your ant problems.

Woodworm – We provide woodworm treatments that efficiently remove the beetles that are taking over your home. As woodworms chew your structural timbers and floor joists, it could be costing you a pretty penny if left unchecked. For a free estimate on woodworm treatments by your local experts, get in touch today.

Wasp Nest Removal In Barnsley

Wasps – Do you need a prompt wasp control service in Barnsley, South Yorkshire?. Our treatments for wasp nests are tailored to give you the correct control of the nest, depending on where it is located.

Our local pest controllers will also provide you with expert advice on how to avoid any future problems with wasps. At Apex Pest Control Barnsley, we will locate your wasps nest and perform highly effective treatments that are 100% successful.

Once the wasp treatment is completed, it eliminates the wasps in 2-3 hours, meaning that we finish the wasps nest treatment really fast. If you would like us to remove the older wasps nest, wasp nest removal is an additional cost.

Wasp nest treatment costs from £65

Protect Your Land By Our Mole Catchers

Mole control Barnsley – Whether it is in your garden, on your golf course, or on land that you own, mowing is an essential contributor to damage on your property, tunnels buried in the ground can cause the build-up of water and a start of scrabbling, as well as cause the unappealing hills of mowing.

Mole control in your local area is vital as soon as a mole starts digging tunnels under your land. These tunnels created by moles can weaken your soil, and can do more damage if even just a little bit of water gets in your area, making your soil crumble. The weakened soil is then unsafe and useless, so you need to take quick action to get rid of the moles.

We offer mole treatments and mole control across South Yorkshire, give us a call today to book a visit.

Bird Control – Safeguard Your Property

Bird Pest Control – Barnsley pest control – our avian experts have plenty of experience in dealing with birds that cause problems, like feral pigeons and urban Gulls. We use affordable, safe, disincentives like bird proofing that will not harm birds or disrupt businesses.

Squirrel Pest Control – Vital Protection

Squirrels — Along with rodents such as rats and insects like wasps, dealing with squirrels is a serious business. Squirrels can cause significant damage to your property if they get inside, especially your attic or roof space.

To keep squirrels away, we use traps and seal your house in order to prevent these rodents from entering your home. The price range is really dependent on the size of your squirrel infestation, best to give us a call and find out what it costs to remove.

24 hours pest control – Commercial Pest Control

We work with a variety of businesses providing commercial pest control Pest control commercial pest contracts Barnsley Nome insects. As well as being a customer inconvenience, pests may impact on your profit margins, as well as your commercial insurance. As Barnsley’s pest control company, we provide tailored services to suit your business.

Our trained staff has over 30 years of experience providing high-quality pest control services to Barnsley, South Yorkshire, UK. For a free Quote and site survey to remove pests from your property and use successful environmental services fill in our contact email form or Call today on 01226 397691

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As a small town, Barnsley, South Yorkshire is halfway between Leeds and Sheffield. Barnsley’s city centre is situated on the western banks of the Dearne Valley, providing an ideal habitat for rats and vermin.

Apex Pest Control Barnsley & Environmental Services, are quick to action for your pest problems. Ignoring pests can rapidly result in an infestation, cause extensive damage to your property, and raise your costs to fix the problem, not to mention potential health risks. Contact Apex Pest Control — Barnsley today for a free assessment.

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