Professional Rat Pest Control And Prevention Are Required To Protect Your Property

Reliable Services For Rat Control

Realising that rats have invaded your home or place of work is the most unnerving experience. These furry pests pose a substantial health danger to everyone on the site, in addition to the potential for significant property damage.

Don’t allow rats to disturb you at night. If you hire a rat pest control expert, you can rest easy knowing that these unwanted guests will be served with a permanent eviction notice.

Our personnel have the knowledge and resources required to address infestations of any size and complexity. Thanks to their combined more than 30 years of experience. Call right now for a free estimate and the help you need.

Our friendly staff is waiting with open arms to learn how we can provide therapy and other services.

Our Skilled Rat Exterminator Services Are Reliable

Do you think there may be a rat problem in your home or place of business? Unfortunately, this is a rather common problem. According to estimates, there are 15 million brown rats in the UK, and as a result of recent milder winters, this number has been gradually increasing.

How, though, can you determine whether you have a rat infestation? Do you need to take action against rodent issues before they get out of hand, if there are any warning signs you should watch out for?

Rat Infestations Are Indicated by Noise And Sound

A professional pest control company will treat and proof your home for rats as part of their rat pest management service.

One of the first signs of a rat infestation in your home or place of business is the sound of scuttling emanating from floorboards or hollow walls. In addition, you could hear them scraping and grinding their teeth. Because they are nocturnal animals, rats are usually most active at night.

Businesses that are open throughout the daytime typically don’t learn about a rat problem until it has gone out of hand.


Another sign of a rat infestation is droppings. These are frequently black, pellet-shaped, and resemble enormous grains of rice. Mouse droppings are normally much smaller and have more pointed, less rounded ends, even though they may look similar.

Rats usually use the same spot to pee and can leave up to 40 droppings in a day.

Packaging, food products with dents or chew marks, and more

Rats are notorious for destroying buildings, food, and packaging. Gnaw marks on solid items, wires, and pipes around the house, as well as the sight of shredded or chewed food packaging on countertops or in cupboards, are common indications of an infestation.

Smudge Traces or Leftovers

Many home and business owners fail to notice smear marks, a greasy residue left by a rat’s body, along with areas where they frequently pass by. Rats have limited vision and can only see a few feet in front of them.

As a result, to help them navigate a structure, they adhere to well-travelled pathways and tracks and rub up against walls.

Further Visual Cues

Rarely, areas of a property that are extremely dusty may allow for the sight of footprints and tail markings. Furthermore, it should go without saying that direct observation of the pest is crucial. If there is one rat in the house, there are undoubtedly more.

When Is There The Greatest Risk To Your Property?

Rats may infiltrate a property at any time of the year. Autumn is the season when it occurs most commonly, though. In warmer climates, rats may endure the summer months outside if there are lots of plants to sustain them and thick foliage to hide in.

When the weather becomes cooler and the harvest season ends, rats often relocate towards larger cities in search of food and safety.

How Can Rats Enter Buildings?

Even a 15mm hole can allow rats to access a building. These sorts of holes are frequently seen on a home’s lower floors, especially close to pipes, air vents, and windows. Rats are adept climbers; thus it’s conceivable that they are also gaining access to higher floors of a structure.

After addressing the rat infestation, our rat control service may assist you in identifying these points of entry and sealing them up to stop the issue from recurring.

How To Get Rid Of A Rat Issue

Despite the fact that there are a number of “DIY” strategies for managing rat infestations, these pests’ quick reproductive cycles make it easy for situations to get out of hand. The best course of action is to hire a rat removal specialist with the tools, resources, and expertise to solve the matter.

At Apex Pest Control, we employ cutting-edge, secure, and remarkably effective rat eradication, termination, and preventive techniques.

Our seasoned rodent control service employs tried-and-true methods to solve your problem quickly and effectively while preventing further infestations. You may thus unwind in the knowledge that your home will be secure and pest-free.

How Does Our Rat Control Service Work?

When you get in touch with Apex Pest Control, our friendly staff will take down all the pertinent information about your situation and may even ask you a few questions to understand as much as they can about what’s going on.

After that, they will schedule a time for you to visit and assess the situation in person before beginning the rat removal process. Apex Rat Exterminator will describe the rat treatment and poison for rats used so that you can understand the control treatment services in and around your home.

Our Reliable And Effective Research And Reconnaissance Process

We first examine the building. We thoroughly inspect any signs of a rat infestation both inside and outside as well as in the immediate area. The size of the rats may be determined by their droppings, which will be examined. Furthermore, any animal-caused harm or nesting sites need to be taken out.

Identifying entrances

At this stage, we look for any potential access points and exits the rats could be using. Rats typically enter and leave structures through drains, drainpipes, sewers, and air vents.

We locate these points of entry, confirm them, then seal and block them in order to prevent further infiltration.

Rat traps or bait stations

Our knowledgeable rat exterminators will set up bait stations or traps in line with:

  • Customers’ preferences
  • Agreed upon methods of extermination.

We also take precautions to keep any traps or bait stations out of the reach of children and animals while poisoning rats.

Nobody likes to kill anything unless it is absolutely necessary. But because rats pose health dangers to you, your family, and your pets, standard rat traps typically fail to eliminate rat infestations. Depending on the possibility of structural damage and the extent of the infestation, we could recommend rodenticides.

Do something

Within 5-7 days, our pest control specialist will return for a follow-up appointment. They will do a second inspection of the structure or home to confirm all baiting sites and remove any dead rats.

Can Apex Pest Control Get Rid of My Rat Infestation?

Apex Pest Control is a reputable pest management firm that offers treatment and proofing solutions for rat infestations.

We wouldn’t be in business if we didn’t get rid of the rats. At Apex, we ensure that all rats are removed from your property and wiped out, as well as installing preventative measures to prevent rodent infestations in the future.

Guaranteed rat eradication

We promise that any new evidence of infestation will be treated again at no additional cost within 30 days of the date of our previous appointment. To ensure that we deliver the best service possible, the same pest control operator will visit your residence or place of business each time. The operator will provide you with a full report following each visit to keep you informed of the situation.

Since our pest control team has more than 30 years of experience and is properly qualified, you can be sure that your pest management problem is in capable hands. We provide counselling and solutions that are tailored to your individual needs.

Apex Pest Controllers are available every day of the week, are NPTA-certified, and are completely insured. In order for you to stop the rat infestation and return to your usual routine, we work to make the process quick and simple.

Our Rat Exterminators:

  • Attend appointments on time.
  • The safety of everyone nearby, including people and animals
  • Will be ensured through respect and professionalism.
  • Possess expertise and experience
  • Will go through all of your options for eradication with you and find a solution that you are satisfied with.

What Does Rat Pest Control Cost?

Normally, our rat removal service is £110 in price. There will be a total of two visits: one to thoroughly assess the situation and begin the rat eradication process, and another seven days later to assess the development.

While this usually resolves the problem, in some cases it may call for additional visits. After the initial two appointments, each additional visit will cost £35 each.

To guarantee that you are always well taken care of, we take pride in our work and offer significant warranties for our pest control service. Here, all widely used credit and debit cards are accepted.

If you want rat pest treatment from a qualified specialist, call us at 0114 349 1098.

Why You Need to Take Care Of Your Rat Infestation Right Away?

Rats, sadly, pose a significant threat to both humans and society’s health. Rats mark their territory and disperse their odour by urinating as they go.

In the UK, 50% of rats have leptospirosis, sometimes referred to as Weil’s illness. They are also widely recognised for dispersing a variety of other dangerous infections and ailments, including:

  • Salmonella
  • Listeria
  • Hantavirus
  • Toxins of the gondi

These infections are very infectious among people because rats regularly come into contact with areas where food is prepared and their urine.

In addition to putting people at risk by transmitting disease, brown rats and other rodents have the power to harm structures and private property.

Rats continually gnaw through every material they come across in an effort to wear down their growing teeth.

Rats commonly chew on various materials, such as metal, glass, wood, plastic, and cinder blocks. They have also been observed to chew through water and gas pipes, which can result in ruptures and serious scale damage. They have a reputation for chewing through electrical connections, which may be extremely dangerous for fires.

Apex Local Pest Control In Yorkshire

If you have a rat infestation or have seen a rat on your residential or business property, you must take immediate action to stop the spread of the disease.

Contact our team by phone or email to talk about ideas, treatments, and services right now.


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