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Our pest control experts in Barnsley cover all of Barnsley and the surrounding villages, providing professional pest control services for home owners and businesses alike.

Our in-house technicians and inspectors are members and certified with National Pest Technicians Association.

Our knowledge, experience, and professionalism allows us to provide the safest, most effective treatments to your property’s pest problems within Pest Control’s territory.

At Apex, all our pest treatments and wildlife management are child-friendly and pet-friendly. And, we guarantee a pest control success rate on your pest problems.


Pest Control Companies Near Me

Our experts at Apex Pest Control Barnsley are certified members of NPTA and trained by the BPCA on best practises to eliminate the pests in your property. Our pest controllers tackle any issue quickly, quietly and professionally. Our services for homes and businesses provide key pest management tips to ensure that your Wasp, Rat, Bug, or Insect problems do not return. Here are just some of the bugs and vermin that we treat on a regular basis throughout Barnsley.

Rat Catcher – Stop a Rat Infestation

Mice and Rats: Differences, Habits and Rodent Issues Prevention

Seeing a rat or mouse on your property is never a pleasant experience. In most cases, there is more than one. These rodents will never leave your property unchecked, making an infestation unavoidable.

While both these types of rodents do similar damage to your home and carry similar diseases, Apex Services exterminators have revealed the causes of rats and mice, and how you can solve the problem of an infestation.

Rodent control — rat control In general, these two species will eat almost anything. However, their preferred foods are cereal products, like bread and grains. Some rats will get picky, eating only fruits. You can get the Hantavirus from touching the rodents droppings, especially those from the deer rats.

Cockroaches – the kind of insects controlled by entomologists – carry diseases like gastroenteritis and Salmonella, which are both dangerous for your health. Our expertise and knowledge will identify the exact species of roaches, and we will also find any potential breeding sites. Then, we will use the most effective treatments to eliminate the problem safely.

Bed Bugs – Pest control – The bugs move rapidly to nearby rooms and properties, moving into holes in walls or floors. We conduct in-depth inspections to confirm whether bedbugs are an issue and to identify problem sizes. Treatments are designed to eliminate bed bugs individually.

Flies – Pest control – Flies are a threat to your health, spreading diseases like E.coli. Our methods eliminate flies, treating all the breeding sites which would allow them to infest again.

Fleas and Carpet Beetles – Pest Control – Our pest control teams in Sheffield offer a low-impact tailored solution for eliminating insects from your premises.

Ants – Pest control Doncaster – If the ants are in your garden or home, our bespoke pest control services use the most effective techniques, from targeted spraying to selective baiting, to solve your ant problems.

Woodworm – We provide woodworm treatments that efficiently remove the beetles that are taking over your home. As woodworms chew your structural timbers and floor joists, it could be costing you a pretty penny if left unchecked. For a free estimate on woodworm treatments by your local experts, get in touch today.

Wasp Nest Removal In Barnsley

Wasps – Do you need a prompt wasp control service in Barnsley, South Yorkshire?. Our treatments for wasp nests are tailored to give you the correct control of the nest, depending on where it is located.

Our local pest controllers will also provide you with expert advice on how to avoid any future problems with wasps. At Apex Pest Control Barnsley, we will locate your wasps nest and perform highly effective treatments that are 100% successful.

Once the wasp treatment is completed, it eliminates the wasps in 2-3 hours, meaning that we finish the wasps nest treatment really fast. If you would like us to remove the older wasps nest, wasp nest removal is an additional cost.

Wasp nest treatment costs from £65

Protect Your Land By Our Mole Catchers

Mole control Barnsley – Whether it is in your garden, on your golf course, or on land that you own, mowing is an essential contributor to damage on your property, tunnels buried in the ground can cause the build-up of water and a start of scrabbling, as well as cause the unappealing hills of mowing.

Mole control in your local area is vital as soon as a mole starts digging tunnels under your land. These tunnels created by moles can weaken your soil, and can do more damage if even just a little bit of water gets in your area, making your soil crumble. The weakened soil is then unsafe and useless, so you need to take quick action to get rid of the moles.

We offer mole treatments and mole control across South Yorkshire, give us a call today to book a visit.

Bird Control – Safeguard Your Property

Bird Pest Control – Barnsley pest control – our avian experts have plenty of experience in dealing with birds that cause problems, like feral pigeons and urban Gulls. We use affordable, safe, disincentives like bird proofing that will not harm birds or disrupt businesses.

Squirrel Pest Control – Vital Protection

Squirrels — Along with rodents such as rats and insects like wasps, dealing with squirrels is a serious business. Squirrels can cause significant damage to your property if they get inside, especially your attic or roof space.

To keep squirrels away, we use traps and seal your house in order to prevent these rodents from entering your home. The price range is really dependent on the size of your squirrel infestation, best to give us a call and find out what it costs to remove.

24 hours pest control – Commercial Pest Control

We work with a variety of businesses providing commercial pest control Pest control commercial pest contracts Barnsley Nome insects. As well as being a customer inconvenience, pests may impact on your profit margins, as well as your commercial insurance. As Barnsley’s pest control company, we provide tailored services to suit your business.

Our trained staff has over 30 years of experience providing high-quality pest control services to Barnsley, South Yorkshire, UK. For a free Quote and site survey to remove pests from your property and use successful environmental services fill in our contact email form or Call today on 01226 397691

Local Pest Control Company

As a small town, Barnsley, South Yorkshire is halfway between Leeds and Sheffield. Barnsley’s city centre is situated on the western banks of the Dearne Valley, providing an ideal habitat for rats and vermin.

Apex Pest Control Barnsley & Environmental Services, are quick to action for your pest problems. Ignoring pests can rapidly result in an infestation, cause extensive damage to your property, and raise your costs to fix the problem, not to mention potential health risks. Contact Apex Pest Control — Barnsley today for a free assessment.

Credit and debit card payments accepted.


Wasp Nest Removal Near Me

What You Should Know About Wasp Nest Removal

Apex Pest Control explains how to remove a wasp nest near you.

As soon as the warmer months arrive, a wasp nest appears from out of nowhere. They appeared inside and outside the houses, and populations were growing larger every day. On average, about 5,000 adult wasps are living in one, cohesive nest during the summer. All told, there are lots of wasps around the world, and they can be serious problems for humans.

That is – getting rid of wasps is as easy as it has ever been. Many pest control companies have had success getting rid of wasps without causing damage to the clients home or health.

One such company is Apex Pest Control. Apex is a locally owned, Yorkshire-based, family-run pest control business, providing services across Yorkshire, and their head of pest control has over 30 years of industry experience. In addition to wasps, Apex deals with bedbugs, moles, mice, cockroaches, ants, rats, and a whole range of other pest infestations.

We will address some of the most common questions regarding wasps — everything from: What is the best way to get rid of a wasp nest near me.

We have answered the first one, but read on for more. If you need advice on bee removal please read our post on bee-removal-sheffield




What are some signs you may have a nest of wasps?

The first, and most obvious, sign you are in the vicinity of a nest is if there is a rise in wasps flying around. Follow those to find out where they set up the nest. The closer you are to a nest, the more wasps you will encounter.

There is no limit on locations, so long as you are in view. Wasps can nest almost everywhere: from the branches of trees to the bottom of your toilet bowl. Despite this, they usually prefer shrubs, trees, empty walls, and eaves. If you are unsure of the wasps origin, make sure you first check these types of locations.

Remember, wasp nests are a novelty item come spring, so they are very small. They are about the size of a tennis ball in that phase. However, over time, as summer arrives, nests become significantly larger. That is why it is imperative to react immediately. The faster you can handle it, the better.


How do I get rid of a wasp nest?

If you catch it early, when it is smaller, you may try removing it by yourself using a suitable pesticide product. Some people love taking on DIY projects; we get that. However, we highly recommend leaving things up to professionals for removal.

If you are dealing with a large colony of wasps, and therefore, a large nest, we highly recommend that you do not try to do it yourself. And here’s why:

  • Wasps are aggressive, and they will be stinging without any reason. Their stings are not only painful, but incredibly dangerous. Multiple stings can even result in instant death if they are not treated quickly. One sting is bad enough, let alone 50. And if you are trying to tinker around in the nest, you are bound to get stung 50+ times. A pest control professional, by contrast, has all of the right equipment to remove wasp nests. This includes specialised gear designed to protect you.
  • Wasp nest removal involves the use of strong chemicals. A professional pest control professional will not only know which pesticides to use, but will also have access to the most effective chemicals. Also, a professional will also know how to properly and safely apply them.


How Much Does Wasp Removal Cost?

Here at Apex Pest Control, we charge you £65 a nest for wasp removal. Additional nests cost £10.

Our local wasp control visits include treatments, nest removal and collection. You get a quick response, which eliminates your wasp problems professionally.


How do I handle wasp stings?

A Wasp sting is not just dangerous, but it is also extremely painful. More importantly, they can kill you if they sting you repeatedly. Also, if the individual is allergic to wasp stings, then even one single sting may kill them. But more on that in a minute.

To treat the wasps sting, first, wash it off with soap and cold water. After, put an ice pack on the stung area and let it sit for at least 10 minutes. You should begin to see pain gradually lessen.

Do not touch the area that is hurting, and make sure it is kept clean at all times. Ask your pharmacist about a cream to relieve some of the pain and itchiness. We recommend avoiding using home remedies, especially any involving baking soda or vinegar.



As we mentioned, some people are allergic to wasp stings. Their physiological reaction to being stung by wasps is serious, and can even result in death. This reaction is called anaphylaxis, and it spreads like wildfire.

Here are some of the symptoms of anaphylaxis:

  • rashes
  • swelling in the eyes, mouth, or throat
  • nausea and vomiting
  • low blood pressure
  • lightheadedness
  • difficulty breathing.

If you experience any of these symptoms after being stung by a wasp, seek medical attention immediately. Also, get a prescription for an antihistamine from your pharmacy.


Is it safe to remove wasp nests in the winter?

Wasps cannot deal with cold weather; therefore, they are all dead when winter arrives. Even those that survive do not return to their old nests — the wasps generally will not reuse them. Also, the young wasp queens stay hibernated over the winter and start building their nests in late spring. So, it is likely that the nests will be empty during the winter.

However, do not wait until the winter to take care of an important wasp nest. Before then, the wasps can do some serious harm to you and your family. It is much better to immediately call the professionals, drop a couple bucks, and have it taken care of right away.


How long does it take to get rid of wasps?

Some insecticides will kill a wasp immediately, but these are not designed to target a nest. While they can kill some bugs, you should not use these frequently because of the dangerous fumes.

On the other hand, there are pesticides (usually in powder form) which effectively kill thousands of wasps. However, they take a bit longer to work. Depending on the nest size, the pesticide can take anywhere from 2-24 hours to work in killing wasps. These professional-grade pesticides are your most secure, long-term options.


At what temperatures are they killed?

As soon as temperatures drop below 0°C, both the Queen and Drones are killed. Although some mated queen wasps may stay alive, they enter winter hibernation, and thus are not a threat.


Can Wasps Build Nests In Walls?

As we mentioned before, wasps are prone to nesting wherever they can, but especially in the cracks in walls. Of course, if you have brick walls, there is no reason you should be concerned. Wasps are capable of building their nests just within the masonry walls.

If walls are not sealed correctly, wasps can easily set up a nest within them. Given their high insulation value, walls are an excellent location for hiding a new colony of wasps.

While getting the wasps out of a wall is one of the trickiest tasks in the realm of pest control, rest assured that we are more than willing and able to solve your wasp problem once and for all.


Do Wasps Return to Old Nests?




One of the most common misconceptions about wasps is that they all hibernate during the winter, like honeybees. Most wasps live for just a single season, unlike honeybees, which can live for years.

The only member of a wasp colony that is capable of staying through winter is its mating queen. She does indeed hibernate, she just stays in her nest. Hibernation is usually under the bark of trees, or within a den. Even when a queen comes out of hibernation, she goes off to build a new nest, completely abandoning the previous one.


How do I get rid of a wasp nest in my loft?

Lofts are one of the most common places in your home where you will find wasp nests. An attic can sometimes have holes and unexpected openings for the wasps to get into and create a new nest.

If you find that your attic has been inhabited by a wasp, the first thought should be, “Who am I going to call to get rid of the wasps that are living in my neighborhood?”. If it is your first time dealing with wasps, it is best if you leave it to a professional. We offer great services, and guarantee results.

If you are looking for DIY, Wasp powder is our recommended product. You can use this to cover up a hole in the wall that is home to a nest. You are going to have a problem with toxic chemicals. So, you have to take all the proper safety precautions.


How do I handle Wasps surrounding my property?

A wasp infestation could cause lasting damage to your property, especially if you are the maintenance division. It could easily be disastrous for a newly opened cafe or restaurant.

To treat the wasps properly around your business, you should never, ever, take matters into your own hands. Getting rid of the wasps in your own home is one thing, but there are other rules that apply when it comes to keeping others safe.

To ensure your extermination process does not endanger the health and safety of the people around you, you will want to hire a professional wasp extermination service. Fortunately, Apex Pest Control is experienced with these situations. Leave your problems with us, and within days, we will have your back.


Wasp control services for businesses and homes

Apex provides locally-based pest technicians to treat ant infestations in businesses, protecting customers and their properties from the threats of wasps and bees. Our trained professionals are fully trained, insured, and certified by the CHAS. For more details and a free quote, please contact Tony Johnson on 0114 3491098

Are you looking for wasp control near me? Here at Apex Pest Control Sheffield, we can provide you with the best advice and free quotes for getting rid of a Wasps Nest. We work both with domestic and commercial properties providing vermin control and vermin abatement services to remove your wasps.

Contact us for more details at Apex Pest Control on 0114 3491098.

Pest Control Companies In Sheffield

Finding The Best Pest Control Firm In Sheffield

Pest infestations seem to be a regular, repeat issue in Sheffield. Left to their own devices, these pests have the potential to cause extensive, lasting damage to a single property. Pests can range from rodents, woodworms, insects, bugs, and even other wildlife. If there is one thing that all of these things have in common, it is their numbers. That is why, here at Apex Pest Control, we are kept busy here in Sheffield.

The biggest thing for us, as a pest control company, is to treat the pests in a humane way, wherever possible. We make sure that we are properly certified and licensed. These will allow us to chase after the most optimal solutions when it comes to our Pest Control services.



Best Quaified Pest Exterminator In Sheffield

It is entirely reasonable that individuals should do their research before hiring a professional pest control service in Sheffield. There needs to be some degree of certainty, and gathering specific information is the best possible way of doing that. This includes finding pest-control technicians who have proper licensing and certifications, which are required for each individual pest-control job. Most pest control companies in Sheffield have these licenses, and they are related to different things.

For example, using pesticides requires passing the pesticide exam, which is issued by the US Environment Agency (EPA). Also, pest infestations, like those caused by ants or wasps, which are a bit more challenging to deal with, requires certification from ESA.

Some of the more experienced Sheffield pest control companies will also have liability insurance. This basically means that if something terrible happens to the client, the business, or their property, they have got a little bit of cash available to cover it.


What do the best pest control firm do to help me?

The list of services that a pest control company offers depends on the company itself. For example, some companies tend to focus on basic services for homes, while others specialise in a specific one. Whatever the case, Pest treatments usually revolve around those five procedures.

Baiting — Baits are placed inside as well as outside. The basic idea is to bait a pest with the trap, and then work on the pest. A great example of this is with roaches and mice.

Fumigation — This procedure is also known as encapsulation. As its name suggests, a company will enclose the home in a tent-like structure in order to prevent chemicals from leaking out. There is typically a period of time required before the entire process is completed.

Use insecticides: Pest control companies spray insecticides on ‌clients home exterior surfaces. This includes covering walls, roof, various apertures, windows, doors, etc.

Applying Chemical-Free Materials: The main idea behind this procedure is to avoid using chemicals for dealing with insects.

There are many pest control companies in Sheffield that offer natural solutions for this problem. One such solution is the use of ultrasound, UV lights, and electrical waves to eliminate ‌pests.

IPM (Integrated Pest Management) is a long-term pest control program that involves the ongoing manipulation of habitats of various pests. It is best suited to the pest control services of commercial facilities.


Types of Pests That Good Pest Control Company Removes

There are various categories when it comes to types of pests. For example, they can include insects such as ants, bees, cockroaches, and spiders. Other types of pests include fleas, flies, or bedbug problems. Alternatively, rodents and small animals such as squirrels, moles, mice, rats, and others can also cause problems. There is also a possibility that larger animals such as foxes and larger birds may become the problem.

Pest control companies generally have different ways of dealing with each of these categories of pests.


Questions to Ask a Sheffield Pest Control Expert

In this section, we would like to give our readers a few tips for asking the right questions. We have picked a couple of them which are critical, along with explanations for them.

1 Does the animal control business have proper licensing?

It is essential to employ a local firm that has the right expertise and documents to work within your community.

2 What are the services that company offers?

Each company has its own way of doing things. Asking about their methods helps the customer understand whether they are going to be able to deal with the situation.

3 How long has the business been in business?

This question will give insight into how long a company has been operating. Also, this will let customers know whether or not they are experienced.

4 Is there a guarantee?

It is important to find out whether or not they are insured. If things are not going well, is there a way you can ensure the client.

If you are someone living in Sheffield and have an issue with pests, it might be a good idea to get in touch with a professional pest control company. Do not hesitate to give us a call here at Apex Pest Control, as we are always doing our best to help any client that needs assistance. Apex Pest Controls primary goal is to address pest infestations safely, quickly, and efficiently.

Mouse Exterminator Near Me

Finding a Mouse Exterminator near me


Mice can pose a pretty big threat, and it is no secret that Sheffield’s older homes, sheds, restaurants, and the like are infested with them. You could make a case that the whole situation is getting out of control. That is why there are many companies in South Yorkshire dealing in the control of mice. As a result, people might be asking themselves, Where can I find a good mouse control exterminator near me? Fortunately, we are here to help.



What do I do once I see the mice?


The biggest thing is to move fast. People who are hearing gnawing sounds coming out of their walls or ceilings are probably dealing with a mouse infestation. There is usually more than one mouse there, so it is important to take care of them quickly to prevent them from getting comfy.

Otherwise, they may breed, which only causes more problems down the road. Let us consider how two mice can produce up to 100 mice. Once they have found food sources, they are going to be staying there until someone, like pest control services, takes care of them.


Where Should Mouse Traps Be Used?


Regular mousetraps should be avoided because it do not work most of the time. For example, poisons that can be bought in stores are not as effective as professional-grade ones. There is also a chance that they will kill the mouse in a spot that is difficult to get to. If his body is infested with parasites or a fly, it could be difficult for them to dispose of.


Mice Control Company Services


Mouse control companies services usually revolve around using poison, sticky boards, and securing the clients home from mice. There are some safety precautions and steps that these companies need to take. We explain how this all works in the next section.

The first step is to inspect the mouse-infested property using an in-depth inspection. The facility needs to determine whether mice or rodents are generally present. If they establish this, they need to figure out how they are getting in there and getting through. Once they have done that, then the company is going to use UV-trace powders to help trace their movements.

When they have finally located a mice nest, the company moves to the next phase, which is the elimination. They use specialised toxins that eliminate unpleasant smells from mouse carcasses. It is a long process that may require up to two weeks worth of treatments.

The last step is to have a professional control the mice in your property to ensure that pests will not come back. This is usually done by covering any gaps where mice can get in, etc.


Needing Emergent Mice Control Services


People who are not as reactive about their rodent infestation might want to address it immediately. So, they will probably call the mouse-emergency services. If that is the case, then a mouse control company will be going around setting glue boards everywhere, and that is likely going to work right away.


Mice Control Services for Businesses


Mouse control experts are going to help businesses that are running food-related facilities as well. By conducting an inspection of the building, the Pest Specialist will identify exact means of prevention and treatment of a pest infestation.


Mice Control In A Humane Way


There is even the possibility to cure a mouse infestation in a most humane way. This includes using specialist, mouse-killing toxins. Glue boards, by contrast, are less effective because they starve out mice.

The best (and most humane) procedures are either a clean up, or forcing mice to migrate. To achieve this, companies that deal with mice typically plug holes and limit which routes they are allowed to take.


How To Prevent Mice Infestation?


Most mice control companies (including ours) thoroughly inspect the clients home, hoping to prevent any further infestations. For example, once the mice are removed, we focus on restricting their access to the property. That way, they cannot find a way to get back inside.

This procedure revolves around using high-quality materials, which are impervious to mice technology.


The Cost of Mouse Control Services


First, the cost of local mouse control services is usually determined by the size of an infested area. For example, someone living in an apartment will probably pay less than someone living in a home.

Secondly, the number of visits could also influence prices. Two or more visits are likely to cost the customer more money than just one.

Finally, the methods that the company uses will also impact the price. If there is one method that requires more work than usual, the services are priced accordingly.


Frequently Asked Questions


Why are mice in my home?

The main reason is that they are finding a food source. Once mice learned that the food sources were sustaining, they would build their nests in a location near them.

Also, they can use this structure as shelter from the wind, the cold, etc.


Can mice just run off by themselves?

It is highly unlikely that they will just leave on their own. If the mouse finds a good source of food, there is no reason for them to go, is there no?.


How do I know when they are fully gone?

One effective way to tell whether or not the mouse is still in your home is to leave food out. If food is being chewed on or gnawed, they are still inside. Other factors include the lack of any creaking sounds or drops in the floor.


Are these hazardous to my health?

Mouses tend to leave traces of urine wherever they go. Their urine contains listeria and salmonella, which can be extremely damaging to your health.


Mice Exterminator Near Me


If you live in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, and have a problem with an infested mouse, then we are sure we can help. Here at Apex Pest Control, we focus on effectively treating infestations. More importantly, we do not want to simply remove a pest and call it quits. Instead, we focus on keeping the infestation from happening again.

So, if you want to put an end to all those annoying, screeching little creatures, do not hesitate to give us a call, we will provide you with a free estimate.


Why Choose Apex Pest Control?


● We have years of relevant experience when it comes to dealing with pests.

● We are a local certified company, and we have all the necessary equipment.

● Our services are fast, long-lasting, and effective.

For more details about Commercial Business Rodent Control, call Apex Pest Control Services on 0114 3491098.

Charges For Pest Control Services

There comes a time in the lives of every homeowner when mice, rats, fleas, beetles, and other vermin invade a home. They are not only bothersome, they are also unsanitary–they can even be carrying diseases. So, when they actually do appear, we might feel the temptation to try and handle them ourselves. Who knows, perhaps we could simply set a few traps, and the problems would just go away.

First, we have to notice one key difference between them. Of course, the most obvious distinction between mice and rats is their size. The average house mouse is small, with a mass estimated at 15 grams, while rats can weigh upwards of 300 grams. Furthermore, the typical mouse is a curious rodent, and does not instinctively avoid anything new in its habitat.

This means that trapping rats can be a useful pest management tool. In comparison, mice are very protective, taking the time to adjust to any changes before becoming comfortable with them. As a result, catching the rat is far more difficult.

That is why it is always best to let trained professionals tackle your pest problems. That is why Apex is here. In this post, we will talk about why Pest Control is important, as well as give you a rough estimate on the average price for Pest Control.

However, we must ask you to NOT assume that ALL prices for pest control are given. That is, our charges vary depending on a clients home size and the type of average pest problems we are dealing with.


What Apex Pest Control Is All About?




We are a pest control business operating from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. With rat, mouse, and other insect infestations having increased in recent times, having a specialist company on hand is essential. Our aim is to remove pests as quickly, efficiently, and without causing damage to your property. We have over 30 years experience with overall pest management, working with homeowners and commercial businesses. We are always ready for any problem, and are available seven days a week.

Our company is registered with the National Pest Technicians Association, and all our technicians are B.P.C.A. In addition, we work in unmarked vehicles, so our services are discrete, designed to minimise the loss of profits or complaints from customers, whilst also avoiding any embarrassment associated with infestations.

We place an emphasis on safety and environment when dealing with home, business, or home-based pest control. We help to make sure the surrounding healthcare and environmental conditions affected by a pest are treated to make a structure safe for occupancy.


What Determines The Charges For Pest Control?


Whether it is in the family home or food production facilities, a variety of factors can lead to different pest problems. That is why we always talk with our customers and provide them with competitive rates. Also, as soon as we have completed the required surveys and reached a pricing agreement with our customers, we get straight to work.

So, our charges for pest control services may vary significantly depending on:

  • the type of pest
  • the severity of the pest infestation
  • The location of our customers
  • the size of the property in question

After the infestation is removed, we provide an extensive report to our clients on the Pest treatment that we applied. We also give recommendations for preventing pests in the future.


How Much To Get Rid Of Mice And Rats?


As we stated earlier, there is no set price for general pest control services that we offer. There are just too many factors we need to account for.

Our average price for rat & mice control starts at £110, including 2 control visits to the clients home. Any additional time treatments and visits to control the pests, if the problems persist, are priced at £25. We should note that this charge is only for customers in South Yorkshire, and the exterminator costs are potentially significantly higher should the customer be located outside of the area. Another cost-controlling factor is the proportion of mice or rats that are infested.


What about the other types of pest infestations?


Our prices are £45 per squirrel & mole pest control with traps. However, there is no fixed price when it comes to mole infestations in farmland, the service cost depends on an agreement that we have made with the client.

Apart from rodent control, we also offer insect control services, our price ranges between £65 – £125. Of course, some insect infestations are more complicated, with charges drastically depending on the severity of the problem. For example, a woodworm infestation could prove to be an extreme challenge. We would have to carry out a complete survey of affected properties in order to determine how far along the outbreak has become. So, accessibility for the inspection and cleanup of contaminated areas will impact costs.


Get Rid of Pests With Apex


Of course, most homeowners can try to repair their pest problems themselves. However, if you take into account that wasps, mice, and rats can quickly reproduce, then you may be looking at an exponentially growing pest problem.

That is why it is always best to call a pro to start with their initial visit. At Apex Pest Control Sheffield, our services are confidential, swift, and efficient: You are guaranteed a happy outcome. Do not wait for your problems to become bigger: call Apex for pest control pricing and to receive a free estimate and specialist treatment on 0114 3491098.

Bee Removal Sheffield

Professional honey bee removal services that you can count on.




Insects are a crucial part of our ecology, from pollinating the vegetable-producing plants we love to eat, to flowering in summertime. Not to mention, they produce delicious, all-purpose honey.

Despite their usefulness, honeybees are not in your home, your business, or a bothersome presence in your backyard. In fact, bee and wasp stings can be quite dangerous, and in some cases, fatal.

If you suspect there is a bee infestation at your Sheffield home or business, give Apex Pest Control the call today and find out why so many Sheffield residents trust us to handle all of their bee pest control and bee removal needs.

From domestic bee removal to commercial bee removal, we have got you covered.


Bee Removal In My Area — What Does it Involve?


At Apex, we know that insects can be much more than just an inconvenience, and they can absolutely be a danger to allergy sufferers, and to young children and elderly residents.

From the initial contact, to removal, and to prevention, our local Sheffield pest control experts will work quickly and efficiently to restore security on your premises, as well as ensure that any beehives are removed from the area.

What to Expect

From your first contact with us, our friendly receptionists will take your details and ask questions to understand your situation. Then, they will schedule an appointment to meet you “on-site” whereby our expert honeybee pest control experts will evaluate the honeybee problem, identify the type or species (this may affect approach/strategies) and discuss a recommended solution with you.

Steps Include:

  1. Identification of the species/type of bee – proper identification is critical to the successful removal and ensuring re-infestation doesn’t occur
  2. Strategy recommendations: Once we know what we are dealing with, we will educate you about the options available for honeybee removal, along with the pros and cons of each.
  3. Treatment/implementation: Once a strategy is developed and agreed on, our team gets right to work.

With over 30 years of experience and several certifications, we have the knowledge and skills needed to safely complete the work, and to help you return to business or your normal routine as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our Sheffield Bee Removal Specialists:

  • Show up on time for appointments
  • Are courteous and professional
  • Will take steps to ensure the safety of those in the area
  • Are all highly skilled and trained
  • Will explain your removal options and work with you to find a solution that you’re comfortable with

Bee infestations can be scary, disruptive, dangerous, and troublesome. We understand firsthand what damage and disruption they can cause, and will work to quickly and cost effectively address your honeybee problems.


Sheffield Honey Bee Nest Removal


Honeybees in Sheffield (and across the UK) are classified as what is known as “domesticated animals”. As a result, there needs to be a tailored approach to dealing with the removal of honeybee nests.

Return them to Local Beekeepers

Honey bees “setting up shop” at your property may belong to local neighbourhood beekeepers. It is not unusual that certain circumstances will cause bees to “move in” on their own. When that happens, we do our best, in good faith, to find the appropriate owners. In some cases, they are willing to go out and collect and remove their bees and associated bee nests for you.

Relocate to a Safe Area

In other cases, when the property owner cannot be found, or if wild honeybees are nesting on your property, our team will arrange for them to be safely “re-homed” in an area where they can thrive, far away from human disturbance.

Last Resort – Insecticide

As a last resort, we will apply a residual insecticide treated specifically for honey bee populations. After we have applied insecticide treatments, we will remove the honey bees nests and associated honeycombs, or we will seal the entrances, in order to keep them from entering again, and in order to keep incidental foraging bees from carrying the insecticides back to other local nests.


What is the average cost of honey bee removal?




Bee Removal in Sheffield by Sheffield-based pest control company Apex, United Kingdom.

The actual bee removal cost and bee nest removal costs will vary greatly depending on many factors that are unique to your particular situation. A previous article we wrote on pest control costs may be of interest.

Below, we will outline several variables that can greatly influence your average honey bee removal price on a property, or at your home or business.

1. Type of Bee

  • Honeybees
  • Bumblebees
  • Carpenter Bees

Each species of honeybee has its unique characteristics, from their aggression, to how they nest, meaning each species requires a tailored approach tailored for that particular species of honeybee.

2. Problems / Issues Present

The specific problems caused by the honeybees infesting you may need a different strategy and work volume to remedy the situation. For example, if left too long, bees can also damage the structure of your home or building, requiring additional work to repair.

3. Hive Location and Reaction

The location and size of a beehive or nest is greatly affected by the type of bees that you are dealing with. Carpenter bees, for example, are usually targeting exterior wooden structures such as window frames, porches, and sheds. Bumblebees generally prefer the crawl spaces underneath the home and in your yard. While honeybees usually prefer areas or structures that are exposed to them for building their hive, they are more often found within walls, chimneys, and attics.

The location of a hive significantly affects the difficulty (or ease) of removing or eliminating honeybees from a property.

Similarly, enclosed, indoor spaces often result in swarming and aggression during removal, thus increasing the risk and the safety precautions that must be taken. All this has a bearing on costs.

4. Labour, Materials and Repair Costs

The strategy you choose may involve different amounts of labour and materials needed for bees to be efficiently and safely removed from your property, as well as meeting any local requirements or regulations.

For example, honeybees located inside an internal wall may require us to breach the wall in order to remove both the infestation and beehive. This would require additional labour and materials to rebuild the walls back to their pre-beehive state.


Why You Need to Deal With Your Bee Hive Immediately


The bees are testament to the wonders of nature, helping to maintain the thriving local ecosystem in Sheffield. However, when they nest in areas they are not supposed to, they are serious health risks for people and animals, as well as potentially significant damage to property.

At Apex Pest Control, Sheffield, we have a track record of customer satisfaction and successful honeybee removal on both residential and commercial properties.

If you suspect that you may be suffering an infestation, do not hesitate to contact us and discover why so many Sheffield residents trust us with all of their pest concerns.

Contact Apex today on 0114 3491098 if you would like any further details about our honeybee removal services.

Pest Control Services Sheffield

Pest Control Services In Sheffield, Apex the Best Choice to Shield You


Deep Clean Disinfection Service


Have you got a pest problem in Sheffield, be it rats, wasps, ants, bedbugs, or any other type of insect? At Apex Pest Control, we are the pest control company specialising in dealing with even the trickiest of insect problems. You can rely on our pest control professionals to treat your work with professionalism and care. And, we will make sure that your property is free from bothersome pests that can interrupt your routine. Protect your family and your property: Call Apex Pest Control today if you need help with pest problems.


Which Pest Control Services Are The Best?


If it is your first time requesting pest control services, be sure you know what to expect on your first visit. Once you know what to expect, the control service process is a lot less nerve-wracking. We have put together six things that you should expect during your first visit with pest control.


Professional Introduction

Your Pest technicians should arrive at your appointed time, dressed in uniform. The Pest Professional should present himself/herself to you when they arrive. You should feel comfortable having them inside your house, since the pest professional will have to check inside, in addition to the exterior. It makes sense to ask any questions beforehand, or voice any concerns. Then, you can relax while the exterminators get down to business.


The Entry Point Inspection

One of the key areas that pest control companies check is your entry points. Checking entry points means checking windows, doors, pipes, the exhaust pipe leading into the garage, and your smaller crawl spaces. These areas are places where insects, rodents, birds, and other pests get into a house. Inspections are required in these areas, and it really takes a while. A pest control company will have to look through crevices and look at hidden areas where a pest, such as a bedbug, might hide and enter a home.


Garden Examination

The next major step is inspecting your garden and other areas of your property. Reviewing your outdoor spaces is a good idea, particularly with rodents such as rats, and can reveal areas of concern, along with methods for keeping the pests at bay moving forward.


Property Moisture Checks

An exterminator is more likely to look for areas of moistness on and around your property. A moist area is likely to attract and harbour pests. A pest control professional will use flashlights and devices such as a moisture metre to locate areas where problems can occur.

Your pest professional will take several minutes piecing together his or her findings. Some pest services put together a formal written report, but a written report is not necessary with simple pest inspections. Expect a pest technician to take time inside his or her bins to go over the information and come up with a pest removal plan.


Review and Report

Your professional pest control company will compile the final report. The pest control tech sits down with you to discuss the results. The idea is to tell you exactly which types of pests are present in your home.

And the steps that you should take next to fix your current pest problems, and prevent future ones. At that point, it is time to ask any questions you might have about Pest Control, costs, or any Pest Services going forward. You should get informed of any pet-friendly measures, or if you will need to do any follow-up treatments yourself.

The pest control company that you are using will generally allow a pest control specialist to proceed with starting the initial steps to treating your home. In most cases, a pest control professional will do this while you and your pets are still inside of your home. For commercial pest control, services are generally available outside of normal business hours. In any case, once you have had the discussions and agreed upon terms of service, you should be much more comfortable making the move.

While treating your home for insects, bed bugs, and other pests seems fairly straightforward, at times, the process of managing your pests is going to be lengthy and complex. Consider the average treatment price of around £150 for a pest control service. This cost will vary depending on where in the UK you are.


Apex Pest Control Services Quick Reference


Pest Control Services Sheffield


Sheffield Rat Control – Leave It To The Professionals!


Rats are a widespread problem throughout Sheffield, as well as other parts of the UK. Even a small rat infestation, just a couple, can do a lot of damage to your property, as well as disrupt your routine. Rats can break open unprotected packages of food, leaving droppings containing harmful bacteria, and chew electrical wiring and wood structures such as door frames, joists, and more.

Rats also bring pests and infectious diseases, which often can spread to family pets, or even humans – this is why it is best to let a professional pest control company handle your rat problems. But catching rats on your own can be difficult, especially if you are unsure where the rats are coming from.

At Apex Pest Control, we have years of experience dealing with Sheffield’s rat infestations. We offer an all-round service that will satisfy your needs for controlling rats. Our pest control crews will find entry points into your home, find a nest, set up traps in the best locations, and take steps to keep rats from returning to your property. We take care of the whole thing — and guarantee you a rat-free home when we are done!

Are you looking for pest control near me? Apex Pest Technicians are here to assist you in all your Pest Control issues, From Commercial pests, Bed Bugs, Birds, We have made it our business as a Pest Control Company to stop each and every pest type safely in its tracks.


Professional Wasp Control & Nest Removal In Sheffield


If you need a Sheffield Wasp Nest Removal Service, or Sheffield Wasp Control Service, we are here to help. Wasps are irritating, and their stings are painful: They can impede your ability to perform your landwork, change the look and feel of your landscaping, and even get into some areas of your property.

Not only that, wasp sting allergies can turn those painful stings into life-threatening problems. If you, or someone in your household, has allergies to insects such as wasps, bees, and others, then you will want to call an expert in Sheffields pest control services immediately.

Do not risk your health trying to take down a wasp nest yourself in Sheffield. At Apex Pest Control, we have the right equipment and safety equipment in place to ensure that you are protected, and also help get rid of the wasps environmentally. If you require Wasp Control in Sheffield, get in touch with us today. We will arrive at your property and deal with the wasp infestation in no time.


Looking For Cheap Pest Control In Sheffield? Apex Pest Control Services Can Help

If you are looking for a cost-effective pest control service in Sheffield, Apex Pest Control is here to help. We provide the highest quality pest control services at leading industry rates. We make sure that you are always getting the help that you need to keep your property free of pests.

However, we would recommend you shop around if you are looking for the most affordable Sheffield pest control services. Do not go with a company without a licence, or one without a proven track record of quality.

When it comes to Sheffield pest control services, you get what you pay for. So, if you come across a business offering its services at a fraction of the cost, there is a reason why. They might lack proper licences, might lack proper protections and pest-control tools, and might be offering sub-par, sub-standard services. They may not be licenced, they may not have proper protective equipment and pest control tools, and they may offer sub-par, shoddy service.

Here are a few points to consider before hiring the cheapest pest control in Sheffield:

  • Public liability insurance – (are they a genuine business if damage to your property occurs)
    Qualified pest controllers – (Understanding ethical methods and type of pests to get treated)
  • Pro-grade pesticides – (using pro-grade poison in the wrong hands can be lethal)
    Trade bodies registered – (any excellent pest control service is registered with the NPTA or BPCA)
  • Good business reputation – (has the business got genuinely satisfied customers to check reviews)
  • Experienced and skilled pest experts – (does the cheap pest controller have the experience to eradicate your pests?)
  • Professional and reliable – (does the business work 7 days a week, provide emergency pest control, other written quotes, wear a uniform and have excellent customer service?)
  • Debit and credit card payment options – (does the business offer easy payment choices)

The points raised above are things that you need to take into consideration in order to get fast, professional, and long-lasting results when using a pest-control service.

One great option is choosing Apex Pest Control Sheffield. We employ the best techniques, tools, and equipment available to eradicate your pest problems — the first time — and to do it well. And we are always committed to keeping our prices reasonable, accessible, and in line with local market rates. When you put your faith in us to solve your pest problems, you can rest assured knowing that your pest problems are gone forever.


Why Choose Apex Pest Control?


Wondering why you would choose local Sheffield pest control companies like Apex Pest Control rather than national chains? Choosing us for your Sheffield pest control services has many great benefits, including the following.

  • Apex Pest Control has an excellent reputation: we have established ourselves as experts when it comes to pest control in Sheffield. We have served hundreds of satisfied customers across Sheffield and the surrounding areas.
  • We know the area: our teams have an intimate understanding of the areas surrounding Sheffield, as well as pest issues that are specific to the city. This allows us to provide a specialist service, and also to tackle the causes of your pest infestation, making sure it does not happen again.
  • Our Crew are Part Of The Community: We are a part of the local community here in Sheffield. By supporting us, you are supporting local businesses – and not some giant, corporate chain of pest control companies.
  • Guaranteed results: We are dedicated to providing great service, excellent communication, and superior results.

By focusing on the root causes of your infestation, we tackle the cause of the problem, not just the symptoms.

Wasp Nest Removal Sheffield

Apex Wasp Treatment Sheffield will Protect You from Danger.


Wasp Nest Removal Sheffield


Wasps can cause havoc around your home and business. The insects can even make moving out of a loft nightmare. It is not an overstatement to say wasps can make life a living hell, especially if you are not comfortable around them. But just because you want to get rid of them does not mean that you want to kill them.

We are getting on your back, for now. Our experienced Wasp Nest Removal Crew here at Apex will have this done, so you are never bothered by an unwanted visitor again.

Are you thinking about doing wasp nest removal on your own? Be prepared for a bumpy ride, because wasps can get extremely aggressive quickly, and they will go out of their way to protect their nests. So, do not expect to be lucky, expect to get stung. And once the nest is removed, what are you going to do about an aggressive, homeless mob of wasps wandering around.

The fastest and safest thing to do is to call an expert from a company specialising in removing wasp nests. Our crews respond fast, professionally, and for a reasonable cost.



About Us


Wasp Nest Removal Sheffield


We are one of Sheffield’s best-recommended service for wasp nest removal. Most of our business comes from referrals. We are proud to keep homes, offices, and factories free of wasp nests. We also offer our pest control services across Rotherham, as well as in other areas throughout Yorkshire.

Having been involved with pest control for over 35 years, we offer our customers high-quality services. Looking through our reviews, you can see that we are efficient, professional, and fast. Our Sheffield Wasp Nest Removal Service is available throughout South Yorkshire. In fact, once you have placed your order, our Control Service will arrive at your door within 48 hours, more often than not, we will even visit the same day.

Sheffield’s pest control has problems that are similar to those found in most urban areas. In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of vermin, from wasps, rats, and even bedbugs, with wasps becoming an increasingly significant issue. Sheffield council pest control is underfunded and understaffed. Often, we have a fast-response team on hand to help residents in Sheffield.

As the leading Sheffield pest control company, we strive to offer our pest control services to every resident in the city. With help from the Sheffield City Councils pest control team, we are helping to eliminate all the local pests in homes and offices. Your safety is our primary concern. We ensure we will never leave the property before our customers are satisfied with our services.



Our Services


Our standards for providing our Sheffield wasp nest removal services are unparalleled. We use generally pesticides that are supplied by some of the best manufacturers around the world. Once you have called us for our wasp nest removal services, we will spray these powdered insecticides onto the wasps, which they will stick onto their bodies, and then bring it into the nest. Over time, the powder reaches the queen bee, killing it. Our pest control services are quick, typically done the same day. There is no need to leave your premises, as we often find Wasps in sheds and lofts.

For those that would rather not have the nest removed, simply get the wasps to go, we have a unique approach to removing wasps. Here, we will use a pesticide to deal with nuisance wasps, but we leave the nests on your property. This operation is done successfully during summer months in order to get rid of this bothersome insect.

Apart from removing and exterminating the Sheffield wasp nest, we also provide our customers with the proofing service, making sure these wasps will never find sanctuary in a home again. The Wasp Queens are continually looking for new homes every year. If they found a way into your house in the past, they are sure to again. That is why you need to get in touch with the experts at Apex Pest Control to take advantage of our proofing services.

We will quickly assign a pest controller to your home for any necessary checks. This way, you can be assured you can enjoy your Sheffield home and garden in summer, without worrying about any unwanted guests.

While having wasps around your house may be worrying and irritating, it is worth pointing out that they are not known to be responsible for spreading any diseases. They are generally responsible for creating disruptions and are a nuisance presence, especially around food. They are strongly drawn to foods with a sweet scent, and are quick to ruin any pleasure in the food.

The summer months in Sheffield are when the wasps nesting activity is highest. With our professional services, getting rid of wasp nests and controlling the pests does not need to be an issue. Sheffield residents can have a great, pleasant summer without worrying about the presence of a wasps nest in their home or garden.

Wasp stings can be unpleasant, leaving marks and causing complications. So, do not hesitate to call us if you find a wasp nest in your home, and we will be there for you immediately.


Wasp Nest Removal Sheffield


Wasp nest treatment – areas covered.


Our pest controllers provide wasp control in these locations:

  • Darnall
  • Greenhill
  • Fulwood
  • Killamarsh
  • Hackenthorpe
  • Dore
  • Norton
  • Heeley
  • Dronfield
  • Beauchief
  • Intake
  • Handsworth
  • Tinsley
  • Crookesmoor
  • Halfway
  • Beighton
  • Chapletown
  • Hillsborough
  • Oughtibridge
  • Chapeltown
  • Gleadless



Satisfaction guaranteed


Pest Control Sheffield


As the leading pest control service in Sheffield, we offer Wasp Nest Treatment Services at a very reasonable price. We make sure to locate and remove the wasp nest, as well as any associated swarms, from homes, offices, gardens, and businesses across South Yorkshire.

All of our work is insured, as we have Public Liability Insurance. We always put our customers first. That is our primary goal, the reason why our customers recommend our services to their friends and families. For our clients across Sheffield and its surrounding areas, we place customers first, making sure that they are happy.



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Live in Sheffield and want to get rid of a beetle colony or any other insects in your home, business, or office? Call us today, we will instantly assign one of our experts at your location to deal with the problem. We cover everyone in Sheffield with our quality services. Do not just put your faith in us, let us go for it!