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Where can I find the Best Wasp Exterminator near me? All Your Questions Answered!

Wasps and bees are a common nuisance in the summer months.

After they emerge out of their winter-long hibernation, the female wasps are known as the queen wasp, and worker wasps begin building the nest in and around properties.

While many people prefer leaving the wasp nest as-is, others try to remove it themselves.

However, both of these methods are highly dangerous and put you at the risk of getting stung.

Wasps turn aggressive when anybody approaches their territory. The wasps will attack in swarms and sting multiple times. Even though rare, the venom from stings can be fatal.

Another reason is that wasp nests grow with time; therefore, a timely eradication with a wasp removal service is necessary.

After working with many customers across the UK, we are aware of the problem a wasp infestation brings to residents. With any danger, it is advisable to reach out to the professional wasp exterminator.

At Apex Pest Control, we help you get rid of wasps at your residential or commercial building effectively and efficiently.

To understand the wasp nest removal process and cost of wasp removal, read on.



Who Do I Contact to Getting Rid of a Wasps Nest?

Despite the endless DIY methods available to you, professional wasp removal and care are highly advisable. Wasps can be dangerous, which calls for a timely and safe solution.

One of the many reasons to look for professional wasp nest care is that queen wasps create their home in hard-to-reach spots like lofts, attics, eaves or a wall cavity. You may not be able to reach without adequate types of equipment.

Therefore, you should seek pest control nearby me wasps to find a pest technician and help you get rid of the nest most effectively.

Tip: You may consider searching for a wasp exterminator or wasp nest removal nearby me to get the nearest help.



What Should You Know Before Contacting Wasp Exterminators?

difference between wasps and beesObserving buzzing insects may get you thinking that their colony is on your property. However, mere observing wasps does not ensure the existence of a wasp nest infestation.

Since insects are common during warm months, you may find them more often than not. If you are confident that you have a wasp nest that needs eradication, call us immediately.

However, if you are not sure, here is what you can do:

  • Tell apart bees and wasps: both of these pollinating insects look similar.

It is integral to tell them apart for you to get the right wasp nest treatment.

Some of the common wasp species in the UK are Yellow Jackets, German wasps, Paper wasps and Hornets.

  • Identify the nest: wasps have a low vision; therefore, they can confuse homes.

The insects are likely in your neighbour’s house and not yours. Thus, instead of heading back to their respective nest, the pesky insect could end up in your site.

  • Is it an old nest: wasps leave the nest once the season is finished and never re-use the old one.

Therefore, if you spot an empty wasp nest, there is no harm. The wasp nests are paper mâché type material, and they do not cause any destruction to the property.

  • Observing the flight path: if you think the wasps are residing in your home but you are unable to trace it, it is advisable to watch the flight path of the wasps.

Many times the nest is in hidden places like the attics; hence, this step should assist you in finding the area of infestation.

As a cautionary step, we advise you to walk around your home and spot the exact location of the wasp nest.

Once you are confident that there is a wasp colony inside your home, garden or office call us!



How do exterminators get rid of wasps?

We have various methods of eradicating wasp nests and getting rid of wasps.

Depending on the situation, location and the size of the nests, we take adequate actions. After injecting the pro-grade chemicals, the wasps will die. Hence, the nest will become harmless.

Our trained technicians treat wasp nests without causing any trouble to you or your family.

The reason we recommend seeking professional wasp control is:

  1. Wasps create their nests in the hardest to reach spots like eaves, lofts and high to reach places with limited access.
  2. We wear adequate safety gear before approaching wasps nests.
  3. We inject a pro-grade chemical into the nest.
  4. Within 2-4 hours, the nest will die; however, we leave it 48 hours to take extra caution.

At Apex Pest Control, we ensure full safety measures before, during and after conducting wasp nest removal and treatment. Especially with wasps since they become aggressive and attack in a swarm.

Our strategic approach keeps you safe while we do all the heavy lifting.

Most wasp nest removal companies recommend leaving the empty nest as wasps will not occupy it again and do no damage to the property.

However, if you want the nest to get removed from accessible places like the loft, it will cost extra.



How much does it cost for a wasp exterminator?

wasp nest The cost of a wasp exterminator depends on multiple factors, and the price differs widely.

Some of these are:

  • Method of removal
  • Location of the nest
  • What region you live in
  • Size of the nests

The location you live in the UK plays a factor in the cost of wasp control. The pest control fee for treating a wasp nest in Yorkshire ranges between £50 – £65.

Also, it depends if you wish to remove the wasp nest.

Since the wasps will not re-use the old habitat, it can get left in place. If you wish to get it removed, an additional cost will get charged for that.

Here is a quick rundown of costs in South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire.

The cost for a wasp expert in Sheffield or Leeds is from £65.

If you are residing in Barnsley, the cost will be from £50.

Wasp nest removal from places like the garden shed can get easily carried out once the colony has died out. To find a pest control company like Apex in your area, just search for pest control wasp nearby me and find the best reputable pest expert.



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Now that you are familiar with wasp exterminators, the methods used and cost, here is how you can contact us:

Give us a call 7 days a week if you have spotted a wasp nest and infestation at your home or place of business.

Apex Pest Control is BPCA trained, NPTA members and carry full public insurance. Our staff is certified, skilled and equipped to take control of all kinds of infestation to provide impeccable service.

Apex Pest Control possesses over 30 years of experience providing pest control services and ensuring your safety.

You can check for pest control near me wasps or call us for your wasp problem, and we arrive at a time convenient to you.

We are one of the most excellent pest control companies in the UK and have extensive experience. So please do not wait for the pest problem to get out of hand.


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