Pest Control Sheffield

A pest control service based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.


Pest Control Sheffield

Our Pest Controllers work throughout the city and surrounding suburbs, providing honest, professional, and locally-based pest control services for both homeowners and businesses. Our technicians and resident inspectors are members of Pest Technicians UK, trained by the BPCA and the RSPH.

Our knowledge, experience and expertise enable us to provide the most secure, efficient Sheffield pest control using treatments which address all localised P problems in your property.

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Pest Control Services Near Me

Our team of local experts are certified NPTAs (National Pest Technicians Association) and trained by the BPCAs (British Pest Control Association) in best practise methods to conduct your pest surveys and insect extermination in your home.

We will tackle any pest issue quickly, quietly and professionally, and we offer a guarantee of satisfaction. Plus, you will get expert advice to ensure that pest problems do not return. Here are just some of the bugs, carpet beetles, and insect pests we deal with on a regular basis. For more details, and to discuss our competitive rates, or for payment by debit card, please give us a call today!


Wasp Nest Treatment In Sheffield

Our wasp nest treatment service is delivered as quickly as possible. Once we find the nest, it is treated quickly and efficiently.

Typically, the nest is dead and secured within hours.

All our treatments for wasp nests are tailored for each nest site and guaranteed to work. Wasps, once established at a single nest, do not migrate to another location to start another.


Ant Exterminator

We will inspect, target, and remove all indoor ants, particularly the black soldier ants, a common summertime pest in the months of late May-August.

Whether you have found ants in your yard, or flying insects indoors, our services use the most effective techniques, from targeted sprays to selective baiting gels, to eliminate your ant problems.

Cockroach Treatment

Cockroaches – All cockroach problems require a visit to your property for a site inspection to assess the infestations extent. After an inspection, we will give you a FREE estimate to eliminate roaches on your property.

Roaches carry diseases like gastroenteritis and Salmonella, which are health threats. Our experience and knowledge will identify the exact species of roaches, as well as identify any potential breeding sites. Then, we will use the most effective treatments to eliminate the problem safely.

Bed Bug Control

Bedbugs: To eliminate ‌bedbugs in a contaminated room, we need to perform a survey. Once your bedbug situation is assessed, we will give you a FREE estimate to start the extermination of the bugs in Sheffield.

The bugs will quickly move from holes in walls or in the cavities in floors into adjoining rooms and properties. We conduct thorough inspections to confirm if bedbugs are an issue, and we also determine problem sizes. Each bedbug treatment is designed to remove the bedbugs specifically from your home.


Flea Pest Control

Fleas – Our Sheffield-based pest control teams offer a low-impact, tailored solution for eliminating insects in your premises, be it home or commercial.

We will need to assess your flea issue and size up your entire infestation of fleas on your premises in order to provide you with a competitive, optimal quotation. All our flea treatments are designed to eradicate the problem and implement a long-term solution.


Have Your Rats and Mice Issues Resolved

Mice and Rats: The differences, Habits and Prevention

Seeing a mouse or a rat on your property is never good. In most cases, there is always more than one. These rodents never leave your building on their own, and an infestation is inevitable as they multiply rapidly.

Although both types of rodents cause similar damage to your buildings structure, as well as bring similar diseases, the Sheffield exterminators at Apex will carry out a survey and determine why you have rats or mice, and how to quickly solve the infestation.

Rodent Control – In general, both species will eat almost anything. However, their preferred foods are cereal products like bread and grains. Some rodents will get picky, eating only fruits. You can get the Hantavirus from touching rodent droppings, especially those of deer rats.

For reasons mentioned above, you should act quickly to remove the rodents from your property.


At Apex, we deal with every type of pest, ‌including:

Flies: Flies are a threat to health, spreading diseases like E.coli. Our methods eliminate flies, treating all the breeding sites, which would allow infestations to come back.

Bird control: Our bird experts have expertise in controlling nuisance birds, such as feral pigeons and urban gulls. They use affordable, safe, and cost-effective disincentives like Bird Proofing that will not harm birds or disrupt your operations.

Mole: Whether it is in your yard, on your golf course, or on any property you own, a mole is an important factor that damages your property, tunnel holes that allow for the accumulation of water and cracks, as well as cause unsightly mole hills.

Commercial – Pest Control Companies near me

We have worked with a lot of business properties to keep unwanted nuisance pests at bay. In addition to being a customer inconvenience, pest problems can impact your profit margins, as well as your commercial insurance. As a Sheffield pest control company, we offer tailored pest control services to your business by our expert certified pest control professionals.

Our fully trained staff brings over 30 years experience and quality pest control services to Sheffield, Rotherham & Barnsley, South Yorkshire. We are registered with industry regulators the NPTA, BMCR and CHAS for pest control in domestic and commercial premises. Including professional pest control and management of:

  • Wasps
  • All insect
  • Bugs
  • Mole control
  • Woodworm
  • Bird control

For a free estimate and pest removal estimate on your home, fill out our contact email form, or call us on 0114 349 1098 today, our team would be happy to help.


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Apex-pest-control-npta_logoProud Members of NPTA

By choosing an NPTA member, you can ensure the services you receive are from trained, insured companies who have met the strict criteria of their membership. If you are looking for a top P-rated expert on your doorstep, get in touch today for a no-obligation quote, as well as any enquiries.


Hire Apex – Local Pest Control Companies

Our team of local experts are available, 7 days a week, to deal with any and all your pests and infestations. We offer professional help and competitive rates to tackle any pest problem at a reasonable price. When hiring Apex Sheffield, our team will provide you with a quotation before doing any work at your property.

Pest Control Rotherham – If you live in our neighbouring towns of Rotherham or Doncaster, we also provide many highly-skilled treatments.

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