Pest Control Squirrel

What Are The Risks Of Pest Control (Squirrel)?   Squirrels are a pest problem for many homeowners. They can cause significant damage to the home’s exterior, roof, and attic. While they can be cute and harmless, squirrels can also bring with them a variety of risks. It is important to understand the potential risks associated …

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Grey Squirrel Control

What Are The Most Effective Methods For Grey Squirrel Control?   Grey squirrels can be a nuisance to homeowners, farmers, and other property owners. They can damage crops and gardens, cause structural damage to buildings, and compete with other species for food resources. Fortunately, there are effective methods for grey squirrel control that can help …

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Wasp Nest Removal Rotherham

Expert Pest Services by Apex for Wasp Nest Removal in Rotherham.

Most pest control firms leave the nest alone since it is unlikely that it will be deadly. However, if you disturb the nest, the wasp colony within can become a menace.

Going near a nest is dangerous because wasps will swarm and sting if they feel threatened in any manner. You should leave the process to the experts because it could be risky.

Both residential and commercial properties can be impacted by a pest infestation, and if it is not properly treated, this could pose a major risk to people’s health and safety.

A qualified pest control firm is required to safely remove the live wasp nest and keep it from returning in the future. For customers in Rotherham, Apex Pest Control offers just that calibre of first-rate service.



Rotherham Wasp Nest Removal

For those in close proximity to wasps, they can be extremely harmful, even fatal. They also harm your property, which is unnecessary to say.

We have the education and expertise required to remove any wasp nest securely and successfully. Rotherham and the surrounding areas provide same-day wasp treatment and nest removal services.

Facts Regarding Wasps

Can I handle the pest treatment on my own?


Controlling wasps

An affordable remedy to a little infestation may be the do-it-yourself route. To save time, stress, and money, contact a fully qualified professional pest control if an infestation is severe or a problem persists.


How do wasps construct their nests?

Wasp nests have a characteristic papery appearance because their walls are comprised of saliva and chewed-up wood pulp.

The typical location for nest construction is a protected area with convenient access to the outside world. Wall crevices, roof gaps, subterranean sheds, and beneath eaves are the locations where nests are most likely to be found.

How soon do wasps construct a nest?

Wasp Nest Treatment Rotherham

All through the summer! In the spring, a wasp colony starts to construct its nest, which gradually gets bigger as the colony expands.

After reaching its largest size, the nest is abandoned in the autumn. In order to survive the winter, fertilised queens typically hibernate in attics, basements, or ancient trees. The same process starts over the next year; nests are not recycled.


Why do wasps build their nests in houses?

On high shelves, in cupboards, and even inside the pins of electrical sockets, tiny, snug holes frequently become wasp nests. Both the dirt and the nest often have a light brown tone.

The wasp is gathering the soil and other materials from the outside that it will need to build its nest. The nest will soon begin to breed, producing additional wasps.


Queen wasps reproduce in what ways?

When the nest reaches its largest size, the queen will lay both queen and drone (unfertilized) eggs. This will happen towards the end of the summer or the beginning of the fall. Around 1000–1500 queens will be born from each nest.

The current queen won’t lay any more eggs after laying these ones. These eggs hatch into virgin queens and male drones after pupating.

They leave the nest and make their way to certain locations for mating. Because drones are able to see and distinguish other members of the same nest or colony, it is believed that they do not mate with queens from the same nest. Gene distribution is maintained and interbreeding is avoided in this way.

The drones perish after mating, and the fertilised queens locate a location to hibernate over the winter.


In the UK, what kinds of wasps are there?


In the United Kingdom, there are about 9,000 different species of wasp. The list includes both sizeableLarge stinging wasps and minuscule, imperceptible parasite wasps are both on the list. The following list includes some of the most prevalent wasp species in Britain.

  • Vespula vulgaris/germanica, sometimes known as the common wasp
  • Vespa crabro, a European hornet
  • Vespa velutina, a yellow-legged Asian hornet
  • Vespula rufa, or the red wasp
  • The Dolichovespula genus

In the United Kingdom, DolichoVespula has three species. The most prevalent wasp in the UK is called a Dolichovespula or Vespula vulgaris.

Why do wasps sting?

When threatened, wasps sting people. Wasps use their stings to capture prey in the wild, but when they sting people, it’s only as a form of protection.

Wasp stings might happen for one of two main causes.

  • Protection – Just like other animals, a female wasp will use her stinger, her only line of defence, to defend her nest if it feels endangered or assaulted.
  • Anger – Wasps act in many ways similar to humans. They are agitated. They typically do this because they feel threatened as well. The wasp may feel extremely threatened and irritated if you wave your arms and newspaper about continuously.



What to Do About Wasp Nests

It is better to tackle the wasp problem at its source, the nest, when it comes to wasp elimination. You can have them eliminated by Apex Pest Control. To learn more about our wasp nest removal services, call us right away.

If a nest or swarm becomes an annoyance, we advise you to get in touch with us for wasp control and guidance. Chemical pest management is preferred over biological pest control by the skilled specialists at Apex due to some key benefits.

Why Apex Pest Control Rotherham?


From residential properties to industrial premises, Apex offers experienced, professional pest control and treatment services in Rotherham, Sheffield, Worksop, and the surrounding areas.

Apex services offers the following for expert wasp, bug, and rodent nest removal:

  • Insurance for Public Liability.
  • Before treatments, prior consent is required.
  • Completely insured work.
  • specialists in pest control.
  • NPTA Accredited.

We provide very affordable rates for all pest management issues in South Yorkshire, including wasp nest removal in Rotherham. Apex sets the bar for the industry, and we always offer helpful and quick service.

Every step of the process will be explained to you, and we’ll provide you with advice on how to keep pests out of your house and garden.

Apex Pest Control Rotherham, South Yorkshire


Call Apex right now for a free estimate and prompt, top-notch wasp control service. We don’t remove wasp or bee nests or treat them unless there is a grave threat to human life, as do all professional pest control firms.

In order to protect people, pets, and property, our company always uses safe use practises when performing services.

In addition to wasp nest removal, we also provide other services such as eradicating insects and unwelcome pests such as mice, rats, bed bugs, bees and bee nest removal, mole control, ants control, cockroach control, additional nest removal, and more.

Contact Us Right Away!

If you require properly licensed and insured pest control specialists in Rotherham who you can rely on to manage your urgent pest control needs, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Call us right away for questions regarding our services and organisation as well as online inquiries.

Pest Control Rotherham

Residential and commercial customers in Yorkshire, UK, can take advantage of Apex Pest Control’s Integrated Pest Management services. Local pest experts, Apex pest technicians excel thanks to their more than 35 years of experience and status as reputable NPTA and CHAS members. Apex offers free quotes, clear pricing, and is open seven days a week.



Apex Pest Control: Pest Control In Rotherham

Keep your house as clear of clutter as you can, both inside and out. Work hard to prevent garbage accumulation, especially close to doors and windows, in the garden, including leaves, grass clippings, and other outdoor debris. Keeping piles of garbage, such as newspapers and coupon sheets, to a minimum is also a good idea. Pests can settle in cosy little hiding spots among piles of rubbish, paper, and leaves.

A door or window cracks should always be sealed and barred. The most common entrance for animals into a residence is here. The majority of pests will look for another place to live if there isn’t an easy access.

Keep your dogs clean and well-groomed if you have any. Make use of tick and flea collars. Any insects that land on your pet will probably follow them inside to join your household. Also, don’t forget to keep your pet’s vaccinations updated.

Kitchens and bathrooms, which you may have already checked, are particularly prone to unsightly mold and mildew growth. It’s crucial to wash soiled dishes as soon as you can, clear up food spills, and keep your pet’s food outside rather than in the kitchen. The bugs will either perish or depart your house in search of food if they can’t find anything to eat. If carpet isn’t vacuumed frequently, it may also be home to tiny insects.

Even with all of these precautions, you could still need to enlist the aid of a specialist. Avoid picking the first name in the phone book to call! Do your research until you are confident that the business will take both the safety of your family and the efficacy of their product into account.

For recommendations, talk to your friends, neighbours, and nearby relatives. Who have they employed previously? They approve of the outcomes, right? How long did the pests remain gone after treatment?

Ensure that the pest control specialist has a valid state license. This demonstrates their thorough training and competence in the usage of pesticide chemicals. The state is aware that it is possible to eradicate the pest issue without risking the lives of individuals living there.

Examine the agreement. Don’t just put your signature on the line. Verify that you are aware of all the conditions of your contract. Will there be a checkup later on to make sure the pesticide is still effective? What warranties do they present?

In a lot of homes, pests can cause a lot of issues. Termites and white ants can cause allergies, especially in young children, in addition to eating up wooden furniture and ruining the entire appearance of expensive items of furniture. Pests cannot be completely avoided in any home; the only thing you can do is have your house routinely checked for pests by professional pest control services.

Regular pest inspections will allow for infestation to be prevented as well as significant damage and ruin. The best way to guarantee that your home stays pest-free and clean is to hire a reputable Rotherham pest control company.


Pest Control Businesses Near Me

In most cases, the peak demand for methods of pest management occurs during the warm summer months or during the rainy seasons. Pests tend to become more noticeable and bothersome around this time of year, when people are most likely to be outside. Flying insects of every kind, including hornets, wasps, and bees, search for new habitations during this time of year in order to make it easier for them to reproduce. These insects are no longer detectable when the winter season draws closer. The fact that they cannot tolerate cold weather is one of the primary causes behind this. And as a consequence of this, they moved to various regions that either have a temperature that is temperate or that is tropical in nature. However, not all insects and other kinds of pests are nomadic by their own nature. There are many that enter hibernation or look for safety in human settlements during the winter. These unwanted critters need some sort of shelter from ‌bitter weather, and they also need access to other sources of food.

There is an increase in the number of insects and rodents that choose to make their homes in the warmth of your home as the winter season approaches. House crickets, carpet beetles, mice, and cockroaches are just a few of the frequent winter pests that may create a lot of problems during this time of the year. Wolf spiders are another prevalent winter pest. Pests like this can be hazardous to human health because they spread disease and contaminate both food and their environments.

As a component of housekeeping, pest management is essential. You and your loved ones have the primary duty of ensuring that the house is free of insects and other vermin. If you take preventative steps in a timely manner, you may be able to avoid the need for the assistance of a pest control professional altogether. If you have a large home or if you are too busy to look into the housecleaning duties, then hiring professional pest control services is a viable alternative for you to consider. But if you are someone who is serious about keeping your home free of unwelcome pest infestations, then you should understand specific preventative steps that can stop various winter pests from destroying the aesthetic ambiance in your home. These tactics can be helpful.

To begin, you should work towards making your house as pest-proof as possible so that they can’t breed there. Fill in all of the fissures and holes you find in the crevices and nooks. In most cases, rodents are able to squeeze through gaps that are three times smaller than their own bodies. You should make sure that no portion of your house is harbouring any kind of dust or grime. It is important to maintain a level of dryness in both the kitchen and the bathrooms. Put forth extra effort to ensure that the utensils, dishes, counters, and cabins are all spotless. Any food that is left over should be stored in airtight containers. In the kitchen, there should not be any empty containers or plastic wrappers lying around. The crumbs and scraps of food that are left behind on such items might attract vermin and insects like cockroaches. Before going to bed each night, make sure you take out the trash and clean up the kitchen. This is the most crucial thing to do.



Mosquitoes and ants can be a nuisance, especially if they live inside a house. A BBQ or picnic can be ruined by ants or mosquitoes. When you first wake up in the morning, finding a spider, mouse, or cockroach in your home is annoying. The following advice will help you get rid of these small animals if you are sick of them.

Don’t let them in.

You should take steps to keep bugs out of your house in the first place. You should screen for this and patch any gaps that were discovered during the screening. In addition, you might want to look for any holes in your windows and doors before replacing the window stripping as soon as feasible.

Tidy up the kitchen

Nothing in your kitchen attracts pests more than a pile of leftovers. Every day, you should wipe the counters, pick up the trash, and sweep the floors. Taking this “treasure away” will assist you in keeping ants out of your home.

Standing Water

Sweeping the standing water is the first step in eliminating mosquitoes. In actuality, stagnant water hastens the proliferation of mosquitoes. You occasionally might overlook the standing water. As a result, you should regularly stroll around your home to look for it.

Maintain Your outdoor space

Check your garden once a week to make sure there aren’t a tonne of animals in there. Verify that there are no nests in your yard to do this. In addition, you should trim the bushes and rake the trash piles. And you should weed as well, of course.

Storage of Firewood

Termites shouldn’t be allowed into your house. These cockroaches look for firewood. You can keep these animals at a distance if you store your firewood appropriately. Firewood should be kept at least 5 feet away from your home. The placement of the firewood on racks that are at least a few inches above ground level is another crucial consideration. Ants and other animals won’t have easy access to the woods this way.

Meat Waste

The leftover meat shouldn’t be left in the trash for too long. The meat begins to rot in the summer’s sweltering heat. Moreover, this encourages unwelcome bugs. Therefore, be careful to remove the garbage from the trash cans on time.

Make use of pest control services

Finally, you can get a trustworthy local pest controller to visit your home and spray for pests and rats. You are welcome to phone them twice a year. Experts in pest control take note of your problems and then develop a unique plan to get rid of bugs from your property. In actuality, more protection is provided by pest controllers than by any other service provider. You may feel secure knowing your property is clear of harmful pests by having it examined.


Local Pest Control For Mice Files

Compared to employing an alternative method of pest management, organic garden pest control can be quite the chore. You want to take every precaution to avoid using chemicals to get rid of pests in your garden for a number of obvious reasons. Until the bugs move in, organic gardening may be quite gratifying and enjoyable. Just be ready to put in a little extra time in the organic garden. The key to organic pest control in gardens is to remain on top of issues, identify them early, and take action.

Scale insects are among the major issues we face in the UK. These tiny insects cling to the plant and eat the sap. Unless there are a lot of them, they normally won’t cause too much damage, at which point they pose a serious issue. Keep ants to a minimum (we’ll talk about that soon) since ants breed scale insects, which is one thing you should do to prevent them. The issue will undoubtedly get better if you eliminate the ants.

You should try a variety of methods to get rid of scale insects that are starting to infest. Many organic garden pest management websites advise scraping them off the plant with your fingernail in order to get them off. The next method for effective do-it-yourself pest control is to tape a plant leaf over a scale and remove it off. This works nicely in tiny quantities.



There is a reasonably easy method to keep the ants out of the garden. Diatomaceous earth is something you should get. This fine powder will prevent ants from invading the garden. Ants won’t cross a line of diatomaceous earth that has been laid down around your garden. But if the line gets wet, you’ll have to replace it. You should read the label carefully if you have pets because there have been some claims that diatomaceous earth can be harmful to common home pets.

Once more, using insecticidal soap in your garden will help keep ants away from your plants and help you get rid of them. Another example would be the insect-repelling citrus water sprays that we apply inside our homes.

You can save a lot of money by using natural remedies for pest control. With a web browser and a few mouse clicks, you can easily get a wealth of internet instructions and advice on creating various concoctions for organic garden pest management. Keep in mind that the key to successful pest control in your garden is early detection—the earlier, the better.

In both urban and rural locations, cockroaches are among the most prevalent household pests. Cockroaches are a concern for pest infestation in addition to being a health risk. Pesticides may be needed to eradicate them because they are elusive and persistent critters. In order to complete the process, you will also require the help of a pest control specialist.

In terms of insects, cockroaches have been around for millions of years and have proven to be rather resilient. But in order to thrive, pests, like other animals, require access to water, food, and shelter. If your home meets all three of these criteria for roaches, they will return frequently. It is obvious that eliminating roaches’ sources of water, food, and shelter is necessary to get rid of them.

Sealing off your home is the first thing you can do. The kitchen and bathrooms are good places to start because of the high moisture levels. Additionally, focus on sinks and other places where cockroaches like to hide. It also greatly aids in clearing away debris. Roaches could find a home in paper cartons. Therefore, routinely taking away the trash is quite vital for you. Clean the floors and any other areas of your house where food waste might land.

Cleaning household appliances like the refrigerator would also be a sensible course of action. To prevent roaches from chewing through any food in your home, thoroughly seal it up. Additionally, look around your house for any leaky faucets, and if any are discovered, have them fixed right away. Cockroaches can live for up to a month, therefore if you can keep up with these practises for a month, you should see the effects. To be absolutely certain, speak with your neighbourhood pest control firm for professional advice.



Which element of organic pest management is most crucial? We are discussing integrated pest management, which includes techniques that no gardener or landscaper should be without if they want to avoid using harsh pesticides.

Simply said, Integrated pest management (IPM) and organic pest control, to put it simply, revolve around the notion that using chemicals to care for your lawn or garden should always be a last resort. To accomplish this effectively, IPM is a multifaceted strategy. If one wants to fully utilise IPM and organic pest management methods, the following are some of the several approaches they may employ:

1. Your soil’s health is unquestionably one of the most crucial factors in organic pest management. A plant is better able to repel insects and other pests when the soil it grows in is healthy. Consider how similar our immune systems are to those of plants. Lack of key vitamins and nutrients can cause a person’s health to deteriorate and increase their risk of developing diseases and illnesses. In that regard, plants are similar to animals.

2. Allow the environment to function naturally rather than requiring chemicals. Pesticides with harsh chemicals frequently kill ladybirds and spiders, which are pests’ natural predators. While there are other aspects of organic pest management, this is undoubtedly the most crucial one.

3. The act of trimming is yet another fundamental principle of organic pest control. By manually cutting away harmful plant growth, you can prevent the need to spread nutrients to unhealthy plant growth and ensure that soil nutrients reach the healthy parts of your plants. Make sure to avoid leaving any “stubs” dangling from the plant when doing this. Be cautious to prune flush with the stalk or stem to avoid leaving these stubs where pests can live.

4. Use as much hand weeding as you can. Weeds steal vital nutrients from the soil, depriving your plants of the nutrition they require to survive and fend against pests.

5. Before the bug season begins, start your planting early in the year. Your plants will be more resilient to any infection that may happen thanks to this natural pest control method. A more developed plant would be better able to repel an intruder.

6. Native plants to your area’s ecosystem are the best kind of plants. Planting palm trees in Vermont is a bad idea because the outcomes will only make you unhappy. A native species is more suitable to the local ecosystem and pests that exist there naturally.

7. Pay close attention to how your plants are developing. Don’t be scared to get messy, and keep getting involved. Any potential pests will be much more obvious to you.


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For both residential and commercial clients in Yorkshire, UK, Apex Pest Control provides Integrated Pest Management. Apex Pest technicians excel as neighbourhood pest authorities thanks to their more than 35 years of experience and status as reputable NPTA and CHAS members. Apex offers free quotes, transparent pricing, and is available seven days a week.



Mice and pest control are common issues for households. When it becomes chilly out, rats usually seek out a warm spot to reside, and your house is highly alluring to them. There are numerous methods for rats to enter a house, and getting them out completely can take some time and expertise. An expert will be aware of the proper steps to take.

Rats in your house can easily be removed with the help of mousetraps. To guarantee that further rats won’t return, though, is necessary. Many homeowners are unsure of how to proceed at this point.

Any entry point for rats into the house needs to be blocked off and sealed. Your home’s plumbing or ductwork may be entry points for rats. Here, a professional can be quite helpful because they are aware of exactly where to search and what to look for.

As nailing wood over openings would not be sufficient, it might be essential to employ special seals. An expert will make use of spray foam, steel wool, escutcheon rings, and even steel sheets.

Mice Pest Control Barnsley

Strong Mice Pest Control Protection For Your Property in Barnsley

Apex Pest Control Barnsley specialises in mice and rodent pest control services in Barnsley and South Yorkshire. Due to our state-of-the-art tools and techniques, we are the best choice for mouse pest treatment in Barnsley. Learn more about our control services in the sections below, or contact us right now to schedule a visit.



We offer professional, affordable pest control services in Barnsley.

Rat or mouse pest control for the initial visit to a residential property costs £45. Additional service visits cost £35 each.

Mice turn into much more than a nuisance when they invade your home and property. They can get into your pantry and food storage, and they can leave faeces all over your home that can spread diseases like the hantavirus. They can also spread lice, ticks, and fleas throughout your home, which is problematic if you have pets.

Additionally, a mouse is likely to nibble on anything that it thinks might make a good nest, which can compromise the strength of the wood in your home. Mice have been known to eat through insulation surrounding electrical lines, increasing the risk of a house fire.


What makes Apex Pest Control a good choice? Understand The Benefits

In South Yorkshire’s Barnsley, do you need pest control? Why should you pick us, then? Here are a few of the main reasons.

  • Specialists in professional pest control – The collective experience of our pest control experts is extensive. When it comes to rodent pest control in Barnsley, we have seen and done it all, and we put our experience to work for you to make sure that your home is completely pest-free.
  • For pest control services in Barnsley, we have both complete insurance and a licence. – To ensure you get the finest service possible, Apex also carries liability insurance. You are protected if, in the unlikely occasion, your home is damaged while we are working on it.
  • Flexible visit times – In the majority of cases, we can complete pest control treatments on your schedule, including on the weekends and evenings. Contact us to learn more about our availability for vermin control in Barnsley.
  • We focus on pest removal and prevention – We don’t simply remove a pest problem from your house. We take safeguards, such as sealing cracks and closing holes in your home, to prevent them from breaking in again. You can be confident that the mouse won’t return by doing this.

For all of these and many more, Apex Pest Control Barnsley is the best choice for mice pest control services in Barnsley and South Yorkshire, UK.


Commercial pest control in Barnsley

If you own and run a business in Barnsley or the nearby towns, pest management is crucial to getting rid of pests like rodents, wasps, bed bugs, ants, or fleas from your facilities. Apex Business Pest Control Service will rid your properties of all obtrusive attention and infestations.

The Advantages of Apex Pest Control for Businesses

  • Protection against loss profits
  • Health and Safety
  • Protection for customers and the public
  • Meet food hygiene regulations
  • Safeguard working environment


How Our Barnsley Control Service Will Help You

The first step is to inspect the pest that is causing you troubles; after investigation, we will provide you with a free estimate for the necessary pest treatment to get rid of it. Additionally, the quotation will cover pest proofing your property to keep pests from returning in the future.

Our bug removal service in Barnsley provides you with free knowledge and assistance for elimination by qualified pest controllers. At Apex, we uphold the highest standards of client service. Our neighbourhood pest control specialists are available to assist you if you need a solution at a fair and reasonable cost.

Apex is licensed, experienced, and insured.


  • Trained under BPCA (British Pest Control Association)
  • NPTA (National Pest Technicians Association) registered
  • Lantra Trained operatives (animal control, Level 2 Award in The Safe Application of Pesticides)
  • CHAS (Contractor Health and Safety) accredited
  • BMCR (British Mole Catcher Register) member
  • Public liability insurance

For details contact us today on 01226 397691


Apex pest control service covers rat control and mole control in the following areas.

  • Ardsley
  • Athersley
  • Barnsley
  • Barugh Green
  • Birdwell
  • Bolton-on-Dearne
  • Brampton
  • Brierley
  • Cawthorne
  • Cudworth
  • Darfield
  • Darton
  • Deepcar
  • Dodworth
  • Elsecar
  • Gawber
  • Goldthorpe
  • Grimethorpe
  • Hemingfield
  • Hood Green
  • Hoyland
  • Jump
  • Mapplewell
  • Millhouse
  • Millhouse Green
  • Monk Bretton
  • Oxspring
  • Penistone
  • Pogmoor
  • Royston
  • Shafton
  • South Hiendley
  • Staincross
  • Stairfoot
  • Stocksbridge
  • Thurlstone
  • Thurnscoe
  • Wath-on-Dearne
  • West Melton
  • Wilthorpe
  • Wombwell
  • Worsborough

Postcode areas S70, S71, S72, S73, S74


Apex Pest Control Eliminates Your Pest Issues

Contact your neighbourhood environmental pest control services if rats and mice start to invade your home, land, or garden. A pest controller will be deployed to the area to conduct an inspection, lay down the necessary poison, and place the proper bait boxes. We ensure ‌rodent control is fixed by making any necessary follow-up inspections.

As a pest control firm, we also protect your home, property, and business against the following pests:

  • mice control
  • wasp control
  • carpet beetles
  • cluster flies
  • pigeons
  • bird control
  • wasp nest
  • moles cockroaches
  • rat control
  • bed bugs
  • Bees
  • Woodworm


To get rid of rats and mice, get in touch with Apex Pest Control Barnsley right away!

Are you prepared to start? Do you wish to permanently rid your Barnsley residence or place of business of mice? Apex Pest Control in Barnsley is available to assist. Simply use our online form or phone 01226 397691 to get in touch with us.

We would be delighted to talk about your pest issues, arrange a face-to-face consultation, and offer you the pest control services you need for mice in Barnsley.