Pest Control Wasps Hate

Pest Control Wasps Hate

pest control wasps hate



Do You Know the Best Pest Control Wasps Hate?

Pest Control for Wasps: Helping Protect Your Business or Home

Wasps are more than annoying flying pests in summer. They inflict stings, often when unprovoked, and they can attack when you least expect it, while walking to your car, talking outside with a friend, or signing for a package.

Their stings are quite painful, and can even trigger anaphylaxis (severe allergic reactions) in some individuals. If you have a wasp nest on your property, it’s time to call pest control. Professional pest control specialists such as those at Apex can quickly, reliably and safely handle wasp nest removal.



Why wasps are dangerous

pest control wasps dangerous man stung
A man attempts to remove a wasps nest using D.I.Y methods gets swarmed and chased and then stung multiple times.

Even if you leave wasps alone, they pose a safety hazard to people and buildings in the vicinity of their nest. Wasp stings are no joke as a wasp will you sting multiple times.



Danger to people

Unlike their friendlier cousin the bee, wasps are known for their aggressive behaviour, often stinging unprovoked. Further, unlike bees, wasps don’t die after stinging and can inflict multiple stings during a single attack making them especially dangerous pests. Because of this, a disturbance to a nest can result in a medically concerning number of stings.



Danger to structures

But it’s not just injury to people that you need to worry about. Because wasps use wood as food, they put any nearby structures at risk of damage. Wasps will often eat away at wooden frames and support beams of a structure in lofts to build their nest. Further, nests situated against finished surfaces such as siding or soffit can peel and erode paint and rot the underlying wood.

It’s vital to catch wasps’ nests early in development before the queen starts laying more larvae. By searching and calling a pest control for wasp nest removal near me immediately, you can prevent extensive structural damage to your home or business while keeping those in the vicinity safe from stings.



Signs you may have a wasp problem


What do wasps look like?

Wasps are in the insect family Hymenoptera, which also includes insects like ants, beetles, and flies. The most common type of wasp in our area is the paper wasp. This wasp is part of the Vespidae species, and it’s known for aggressiveness and wood damage. Paper wasps are large, with a three-section body covered in black and yellow stripes.



How do you know if you have a wasp nest on your property?

pest control wasps nest on property.
Do you know the pest control wasps hate? Read on to find out the best methods to eradicate wasps from your property.  

Wasps nests can be difficult to find—especially those located between walls, balconies and in tight cramped spaces like attics. Here are a few signs to search for when determining whether a wasps’ nest is located near your home or business:

  • Are there often large numbers of wasps gathered in one area?
  • Do you see wasps crawling into crevices on your exterior siding?
  • Have you checked bird boxes, attic corners, garage corners, and nearby trees?
  • Are there small mounds or honeycomb structures made of paper-mache style material?

If you find a nest, but don’t see live wasps, it may not be an active nest but always proceed with caution and leave the removal up to a professional control. Wasps only use their nests for a single season, so it is not uncommon to find abandoned nests from time to time.

If you do see wasps nearby, however, the nest is likely inhabited and you should call a trusted pest control company that provides a wasp removal service such as Apex Pest Control immediately.



How to get rid of wasps


Attempting Removal on Your Own can be Dangerous and Ineffective

Many people try to get rid of wasps nests themselves, yet doing so can put you and others around you at risk of stings and exposure to dangerous pesticides.

Popular methods for removing a wasps’ nest include:

  • Burning and smoking
  • Drowning
  • Pesticide
  • Wasp traps

When dealing with a solitary pest that happens to fly in your home looking for food is no emergency. And the pest gets taken care of using wasp repellent, however, tackling a full-size hornet or wasp nest the situation gets serious.

Unfortunately, by tampering with a nest, you risk angering the whole colony, and worst case you could be swarmed by up to 5,000 angry wasps in the process and get stung. Wasp stings can result in medical emergencies or even death in extreme cases. In addition, pesticides can be dangerous to children and pets if applied incorrectly or to yourself without the proper safety gear.

All of which is why hiring a professional makes the most sense to carry out wasps nest removal. Our team at Apex are highly trained and equipped to safely and efficiently handle wasp infestations with ease.



Advantages of professional wasp nest removal services

pest control wasps professional service
Professional pest control service uses the best methods to eradicate wasps from your property.

When you contact pest control wasps hate services, you are taking a proactive step to protect yourself and those around you. A professional pest controller will practice industry-approved safety measures to avoid stings for themselves and those around them. They also receive education on pesticide application to minimise hazards to pets, children, and nearby wildlife.

Local pest control technicians can quickly identify the species of the invading wasp, and use their knowledge of the insect’s habits and life-cycle to custom tailor a removal strategy that will be a most effective control for the situation at hand.

Occasionally, where they previously nested. Calling pest control for wasp nest removal ensures a thorough eradication—your pest exterminator will take steps to discourage wasps from nesting on your property in the future.



What to expect with professional wasp removal


What does professional wasp nest removal involve?

pest control wasps professional treatment
Professional pest control wasps treatment is applied.

Because every nest is different, every wasp removal case is different. At Apex, our services for pest control include a wide range of local wasp removal services. We’ll diagnose the extent of your wasp problem, then help you select a solution that’s both effective and budget-friendly.

Typically, wasp control is not just a series of treatments, it involves advice by the pest technician for proofing the house or garden sheds against the wasp species. Pests such as wasps like south facing properties or land for the sunlight making lofts a popular target.

A professional wasp pest control company will be BPCA or NPTA registered and provide a service like commercial pest control for wasp nests and bed bugs.



 How long does it take for wasps to die after being treated?

A whole nest can take between a few hours to a full day to die off. This allows time for worker wasps to return with their food, come in contact with the pest treatment, and spread the treatment throughout their nest. Once the queen wasps have absorbed the pest control treatment the pesticide has done its job.



How much do professional wasp removal services cost?

The cost of wasp control varies based on the size and location of the nest as well as the extent of the infestation and any associated damage to your home or structure that may need to be addressed. At Apex in Yorkshire, to remove wasp nests currently, prices start at £65 per nest.



Need to remove wasp nest? For Wasp Control Call Apex Pest Control today!

Wasps nests are hazardous to you and those around you. If you’ve started seeing increased wasp activity in your local area, don’t hesitate to call us. Our experts have years of experience eradicating local wasp nests from businesses, homes, and even agriculture and forests. We’ll gladly help you take the steps necessary to protect your home or business from pest such as the common wasp.

Need other pest control services? Apex services pest control offer cockroach control, bed bug removal, bird control to a mouse in the garden much and more. Call our team for a free quote to connect with a professional who will take care of your wasp nest to control the pest bothering you.

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